#2 What’s Happening?!

#2 What’s Happening?!

Well, the sense of God’s presence and glory continue to rumble through our church! This is now the second week so I thought I’d go through some of what’s happened in the last 7 days.

Firstly, the remarkable move of healings has continued. Last Thursday one of our congregation, who I have never known walk without sticks, grabbed me up onto stage and began to dance in front of the praising congregation! Sunday evening he shared his testimony of healing, but also noted that he had never been able to look upward, due to metal in his neck. “I can’t actually do this” he stated while looking at the ceiling! What an amazing God!

People are also claiming to be healed of high blood pressure, IBS, chronic back pain conditions, MS, deafness, and many other painful conditions.

One of the most rewarding things as a pastor is to see backsliders heading home, just bowled over by the Holy Spirit. Some who had lost their way for some time, undone by the glory of God! Some have literally been almost useless for days, they are so touched!

The unsaved have been coming through too, and have become equally overwhelmed by the power of the Spirit. “What is this electricity going through me?” one asked Sunday morning. When told it was God he gave his life to Christ.

On the first weekend one woman was healed of lameness. When she walked out of Kings Cross Station in London to be met by her student doctor son, he was so shocked the entire family all travelled back to Hull later that week!

I have non Christians wanting to move to Hull just to be in God’s presence as they have been healed! Remarkable!

Thursday Nathan Morris returned for one night: It was standing room only, in fact some watched through the doors from the street as we hit our “520 people” fire reg. limit. ( I have never known queues like it for a New Life service!) In about the third hour the glory of God just exploded in the place – healings, prophecy, unsaved overwhelmed – and we staggered out after midnight. Friday night the youth were impacted by same the Holy Spirit.

Saturday someone had booked to use our venue for a small youth conference. I had been asked to do the first 30 minutes. 3 ½ hours later they were still laying around, prophesying, crying, interceding, overwhelmed by God’s Spirit! One other guest speaker said he was healed, and laughed as the title he had been given was “How to bring revival to Hull”!

Sunday our three services were incredibly powerful as God’s presence and glory rolled through the place. The Hull service started in prayer at 9.45am and flowed right through until past 1pm. People saved, healed, and bodies everywhere! Driffield and Hessle also experienced a powerful move of the Spirit.

In this move, I have never seen so many children touched by God’s Spirit. At times, without touching them, they are simply overwhelmed by the power of God in the room and have to lay down. They have been coming out with prophetic words, pictures and unusual proclamations for such little ones. One sat in our Hessle service and drew an incredible picture of a heavenly river washing away sins.

One of the most powerful things is the sense of the fear of the Lord. People are repenting like I’ve never known. People can’t watch TV, drink, unity issues that have sat for some time have been sorted in a second. Young men are giving up TV to read their bibles! Everyone is just a little bit scared, in a good way!


Don’t you just love it when God comes to church?!


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