Believe & Confess

What is Believe & Confess?

For many years, Vicky has used a wonderful book of daily confessions of faith. Often times, whether in a battle season or simply as daily devotions, I have seen her pour over the confessions – whispering them into her own spirit and mind. Again and again, I would see her eyes brighten, her worship deepen, her sense of God and dignity strengthen – all by spending a few minutes daily polishing her faith and focus for the day ahead.

It is because of the power of such confessions that we have written these series of books for all ages, teaching why confession is powerful and necessary, how you can use it to change your mind and your world – and then leaving you with confessions for each day, for regular use.

Romans 12 promises that we can be “transformed by the renewing of our minds”. We pray this series would utterly transform your world, as the power of God’s word hits your heart with creative force. May you never be the same again!


In these uncertain times, and with mental health issues on the increase, it is imperative that we teach our children how to combat the battle that goes on in their minds with the Word of God. We want to encourage you to download and print off these biblical declarations to help your child stay positive, be at peace and put their trust in God.

There are 3 available from our Believe & Confess For Kids book & 3 from a brand new book Believe & Confess For Teens.

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During lockdown Vicky shared short, inspirational devotionals broadcasted on Instagram & YouTube. These are still available to watch to encourage and inspire you to believe and confess God’s Word.