IT’S BACK!! Up until Easter Sunday we are offering 50% off annual GLOBAL LEADERSHIP TRIBE Membership. If you are a leader or aspiring leader, join our Global Leaders Tribe, a fantastic online community for teams, influencers, pastors, artists and so much more. HERE’S WHAT YOU GET… + Unlimited access to our growing library of online…
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Have you noticed that challenging times can bring out the best and worst of your character or reveal the gaps in your leadership skills or style? My brother Jason Cooper has spent decades having meaningful conversations with busy senior leaders, top professional athletes and stressed out workers from a huge range of industries, churches, business…
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2021-03-19 0

A Brand New Book For TEENS

We are excited to be able to launch a brand new book today specifically for TEENS.  This new addition to the Believe & Confess Series aims to help teenagers delve deeper into the scriptures, with daily declarations and prayers to help them know who they are in Christ. You can purchase this new book from amazon,…
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Coaching Conversations

MEET JASON COOPER – The Global Leadership Tribe are just about to start a new venture, Coaching Conversations with leadership mentor Jason Cooper. Hear this very short intro about his amazing experiences and head to https://jarrodcooper.net/join-our-tribe/ if you want to join the journey.

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2 Books For The Price Of 1

Dear Friends We have had an incredible response to my new book THE DIVINE RESET. If you haven’t got your copy yet or you want to purchase another we have an awesome offer for you. My parents have kindly donated their books so when you purchase THE DIVINE RESET, you can opt for my Dad’s…
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JOIN US! Great News! Over 400 of you have been praying 24/7 for three weeks this coming Sunday! It has been such an incredible response to the call to prayer against COVID, for lockdowns to cease, for revival in the church and comfort and peace across nations. So… WE HAVE DECIDED TO CONTINUE PRAYING UNTIL…
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The Prophets Speak 2021

Urgent Prophetic Update for 2021!  8pm on Tuesday 26 – Thursday 28 January 2021  Join prophetic ministries Dr. Sharon Stone, Simon Braker, Rachel Hickson and Jarrod Cooper at 8pm on the 26th, 27th, 28th  of January 2021, as they share God’s word for 2021, tackling subjects like: • What is God saying about 2021 and the…
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2021-01-25 1

My Letter To Boris Johnson

As a Christian leader I am compelled to “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Defend the rights of all those who have nothing. Speak up and judge fairly. Defend the rights of the poor and needy.” (Proverbs 31:8-9) Therefore, I have written to the UK’s Prime Minister about the unprecedented use of lockdowns in the UK and around the world, regarding the worrying potential trend of them…
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First half of Brexit Prophecy Coming to Pass! Will the second half?

Well, it would appear that the first half of the prophetic word I shared on 23rd February 2019 (HERE)  is coming to pass; the more important question to me is “Will the second half of the word also be fulfilled?” Here’s what I wrote regarding Brexit in February 2 years ago: “While in prayer today I…
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AN UNBROKEN CHAIN OF PRAYER Monday 11th January 7am – Sunday 31st January 7pm (2021) “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”…
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2021-01-06 2

PROPHETIC WORD: God is bringing Acceleration!

On the morning of Sunday 3rd January 2021 I awoke to a vivid vision, where I was accelerating speedily down a road. I sped through valleys and over hills in the vision, even at one point rushing past faces on the roadside filled with anger, wickedness and evil, as if flying through some frightening fairground…
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Pre-Order Jarrod’s New Book

THE DIVINE RESET: Preparing your life and leadership for the new era in 2021. Get this prophetic book for 2021 signed, cheaper and first by pre-ordering now and receiving it January 2021. Pre-orders for the new book, which includes journal space and team/small team guide now available here. About the book: Away from the stormy…
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2020-12-23 2

Prophecy: The Word of the Lord for 2021

On the night of 14th December 2020 I had a dream. In it I was leading a church service from the stage, with many in attendance. As I was about to announce the guest speaker, hundreds began to leave the service from the rear of the hall. They streamed out rapidly in droves, leaving the…
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2020-12-17 9

Exciting New Changes

This Wednesday, as we head out of full lockdown in the UK, TRIBE TV is making some exciting new changes to our weekly LIVE broadcasts. From Wednesday 2nd December 2020 the 8pm broadcast is going to become “ENCOUNTER NIGHTS with Jarrod Cooper” – times of LIVE worship, prophetic ministry to those watching and intimacy with…
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2020-12-02 1

Introducing our new FREE app

Do you sense the need to stay full of God’s word, prophetically sensitive & inspired in your worship & walk with God? Well, we have the perfect resource for all that, and it’s completely free to enjoy! Our free app for your smartphone is loaded with tonnes of free inspiration – Tribe TV teaching programmes,…
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TRIBE TV: LIVE Wednesdays at 8pm, only on YouTube

Every Wednesday Jarrod will be LIVE at 8pm for worship, chat, prophecy, interviews, teaching and inspiration. This week, 11th November 2020 he’ll be: Sharing some of the radical new thinking arising in the Church, that could reshape churches everywhere, powerfully! Talking about controversial current affairs and what God is saying to us. Thinking about a Christian…
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2020-11-10 1

Glory In The Church: Finding a fresh blueprint for worship & God’s presence today!

Broadcasting Friday 30th October at 8pm (UK) Have we replaced the glory of God with our church programs. If so, is there anything we can do to get the glory of God back into our gatherings and individual lives? While we have good music, well-written songs and history to learn from, we can still miss…
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2020-10-29 0

LOCKDOWN PRAISE! New Studio Version from Cape Town!

Great News! My new song LOCKDOWN PRAISE has been recorded with my vocals & guitars from here in the UK, but with instruments & production by Sounds of the Nations producer Tim Feder in Cape Town, South Africa! He’s such a great friend, musician & producer and I’m so grateful for his version of this…
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2020-10-11 2

Prophetic Word – THE SHAKING

On Sunday 4th October 2020 I preached a prophetic word on the following passage. I think it sums up this pivotal time: “See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away…
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Training For Reigning

Jarrod shares with Revive Church a powerful message of how to power out of lockdown 5 Questions to help you enter your new era: Context: Genesis 1:26-28/Romans 5:15 1. You were made to rule in life by God’s grace, over a) yourself b) a sphere of influence at home 3) for most, some additional spheres…
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