300 Shields

Pray For Us

We recognise the power & importance of prayer cover, and we realise that we can not do everything we are called to do on the frontline without people lifting us up and covering us in prayer. This is why we have created this new prayer initiative called 300 Shields.

We are grateful for those in our local church and additional friends and family who pray for us on a regular basis, but we recognise the battle is fierce, and so, it is our vision to raise up an army of intercessors who will commit to pray for us on a regular basis.

If you feel called and can commit to pray and intercede for us on a regular basis, then join 300 Shields, our new prayer initiative. Simply sign up with your email below and we will add you to a database where you will receive a 300 Shields prayer update on a regular basis sharing prayer points and testimonials.