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Time to get STRONGER?

This is a small extract from my new book STRONGER – building a powerful interior world. Download it here for just £2.99 At a very low point in my life, when I was feeling pretty weak and feeble, God came to me in a vision. He stood before me as a mighty warrior, literally as…
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2016-05-23 0

I want to be strong (Join me!)

I think we (me included here!) sometimes use “weakness” to relinquish responsibility. We use it as a get out clause for failure, in-discipline, procrastination, debilitating addictions and laziness. “O I’m weak, please don’t expect me to be too strong, to endure, to succeed”. Now I know, in many ways, we are indeed weak, broken, in…
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New album SANCTUARY from Jarrod Cooper

NEW ALBUM RELEASE – SANCTUARY Celebrating 25 years of ministry 1990-2015 With SANCTUARY Jarrod is celebrating 25 years of God’s faithfulness in songwriting and ministry. This album takes the very best songs from the last 25 years, and alongside the beautiful and anointed piano playing of Andy Green, Jarrod’s smooth vocals create a “chill and pray”…
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Leaders speak out about “When Spirit and Word Collide”

When Spirit and Word Collide In 1947 Smith Wigglesworth prophesied about a remarkable series of events  in the coming life of the Church. In recent decades, all but the last of those events have come to pass in the order they were prophesied. That would indicate that we need to take this prophecy very seriously. In…
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A prophetic word

  My dear child, You asked for a greater anointing, to know me more deeply, to move in my power more purely. And this shaking you are experiencing is not a work of the enemy, but actually my response to your prayer… This crushing you are going through. This humbling, waiting, confusion. This holding still…
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2013-09-13 0

#2 What’s Happening?!

Well, the sense of God’s presence and glory continue to rumble through our church! This is now the second week so I thought I’d go through some of what’s happened in the last 7 days. Firstly, the remarkable move of healings has continued. Last Thursday one of our congregation, who I have never known walk…
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