Leaders speak out about “When Spirit and Word Collide”

Leaders speak out about “When Spirit and Word Collide”

COLLIDE CoverWhen Spirit and Word Collide

In 1947 Smith Wigglesworth prophesied about a remarkable series of events  in the coming life of the Church. In recent decades, all but the last of those events have come to pass in the order they were prophesied.

That would indicate that we need to take this prophecy very seriously.

In this new book, Jarrod asserts that the final, unfulfilled stage is about to come to pass. The original word from God speaks of a coming together of those with an emphasis on the Word of God, and those with a passion for the Spirit. Smith prophesied that when this took place, it would “mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and Welsh revivals of former years. The outpouring of God’s Spirit will flow over from the United Kingdom to mainland Europe, and from there, will begin a missionary move to the ends of the earth.”

In his new book Jarrod begins to challenge, inspire and provoke us about how Spirit and Word can come together as never before. How lives can be built on both power and principle – how churches can embrace both glory and good organisation – and how the dynamics of the prophetic can be more greatly embraced, and yet the Church can also grow in discipleship and influence.   

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RT Kendall once wrote “…there has been a silent divorce in the church, speaking generally, between the Word and the Spirit. When there is a divorce, sometimes the children stay with the mother, sometimes with the father. In this divorce, there are those on the Word side emphasizing sound doctrine, especially Romans, and those on the Spirit side emphasizing the Holy Spirit, especially the Book of Acts. Sadly it seems to be one or the other almost wherever I go in the world. The need is for both. I believe the simultaneous combination will result in spontaneous combustion. The Word and Spirit coming together will bring about the next move of the Holy Spirit, in my opinion.”

I believe this amazing statement shows the importance of the subject I cover in my new book “When Spirit & Word Collide”. Here’s what leaders and friends from across the world are saying about the book … I’m so grateful for the kind endorsements:

This is a timely, highly valuable book addressing one of the most important issues facing churches in the UK today. Jarrod skillfully grapples with how as a church pastor he can give appropriate attention to honouring the word and the Spirit. With humility and honesty he opens a discussion that ought to challenge all of us. Are we passionate for God to move powerfully in our land again? If we are we will need to be ‘people of the word’ and ‘people of the Spirit.’

Stuart Bell,
Senior leader of Alive Church and Leader of the Ground Level Network.

Jarrod Cooper is not just writing this excellent book from a theoretical point of view, but lives out the principles contained within it experientially. The call today for Christians everywhere to be both people of Gods Word & of Gods Spirit has never been more needed, and I am delighted to recommend this significant publication to you.

John Partington
National Leader of Assemblies of God G.B.

To those who have a desire to experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit whilst at the same time be part of the plan of God for His glorious church then this book is most definitely for you. The church of Jesus Christ right now is at a crossroad with many voices being heard as to what direction we must take. I recommend that we hear Jarrod Cooper’s voice in the pages of this book and heed the sentiments he has so powerfully expressed. It is the Word and Spirit working together that will build the Church, penetrate darkness, establish the kingdom of God and transform nations in this crucial hour.

Ken Gott
Apostolic leader, Bethshan Church & the House of Prayer, Europe

Jarrod has taken Smith Wigglesworth’s well-known Prophetic words and has examined and challenged the Church in our Nation both historically and presently. I believe that the comparisons he brings – about the condition of both Church and Society – are vital reading for today’s Church leaders.

I will be giving a copy to all my staff!

Rt Rev’d. David E Carr OSL, Order and Community of St Leonard

Should your heart have a deep longing for an unprecedented move of God within your nation and beyond, then “WHEN SPIRIT AND WORD COLLIDE” is a must read book for you today.

David L’Herroux
UCB Chief Executive

This excellent book focuses or refocuses our attention to God’s intentions for His church. Packed with insights, Scriptures and some great quotable quotes it is a must read.

Gerald Coates, Author, broadcaster, pioneer

“Finally! Somebody said it! My heart was stirred as I read the words of ‘When Word & Spirit Collide.’ I believe it’s an insightful and timely message for the Church! Jarrod finds a language for what ‘those who have an ear to hear’ are about to experience in their churches and ministries. I too believe that there is a definite shift occurring in God’s great Church, a coming together, a collision of both the Word & the Spirit, it’s already happening in seed form… Jesus was masterful at moving in both realms seamlessly. He preached His Word with authority and then demonstrated its power with signs and wonders following. The people came from miles around to hear His Word and be healed and made free! O that they might just touch the hem of His garment… God is raising up a new order friend… Jarrod beautifully explains in this wonderful book that we will be seeing much more of these kind of churches in these times as men and women from both sides of the equation ‘unify’ and run together for the greatest move of God that the UK and beyond has ever seen. A must read!

Mark Stevens,
Worship leader

“When Spirit & Word Collide” is an outstanding interpretation of what God is saying to pastors and church leaders in this 21st Century! Jarrod Cooper is a young apostolic leader with an uncanny insight on how to lead & grow a church that has a balance between powerful preaching, prophetic utterance, signs & wonders, a strong presence of God, and yet organized, vision-driven, and systematic.  This book is a must read for every lead pastor and church leader, not only in the UK and Europe, but in the United States and the English speaking world. It is a dynamic interpretation and “how to” application of Smith Wigglesworth’s 1947 extraordinary prophecy about the latter years of the church. It is a call not only to pray for revival, but how to prepare for revival.

David Garcia, Lead Pastor, Grace World Outreach Church, Brooksville, Florida, USA

The moment I read the Title of this book, ‘When the Spirit and the Word Collide” I had a witness that this was a timely book from the heart of a hearer. You may ask why? The answer is easy, because that is what happened in my family. They were strong Word People, when the Spirit and The Word Collided, which has resulted in a continuing response to the great commission.  In this book Jarrod has captured the rhythm of heaven like a songwriter who is able to pen lyrics that lead you into the presence of God. It will lead you to ask, If not now when and if not us who?

Cleddie Keith
Senior Pastor, Heritage Fellowship, Florence, USA

There are signs today in the western church of a holy dissatisfaction with the “status quo” of “business as usual in churches and ministries…a fresh hunger for another wave of the Presence and power of God to revive the church and awaken the world to the reality of the living, miracle-working Christ. In his latest book, Jarrod draws upon Scripture, Smith Wigglesworth’s now famous “Spirit & Word” prophecy, and a great wealth of personal experience to stir our hearts to a renewed pursuit of God ; one that will lead first to personal transformation, then to church and community transformation, and ultimately to the fulfilment of God’s great promises to fill the earth with the experiential knowledge of His glory ! Full of insight, godly provocation, and Biblical wisdom, I highly commend “When Spirit & Word collide” to you. May it provoke you, as it has me, to a renewed encounter with our wonder-working God, and an insatiable hunger for authentic Holy Spirit power in the church of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan Conrathe, Founder Mission24

I know Jarrod Cooper to be a man who not only loves revival, but who loves the Reviver Himself. The revelation presented in this book is a clarion call to the Church at large. God is getting ready to pour out His Spirit in an unprecedented way, and we must let “the Spirit and the Word collide” if we are to experience His fullness. Well done, Jarrod!

Lydia Stanley Marrow, Worship leader, Shake The Nations

“As I opened this book, my spirit began to Dance Jarrod had put into words the expectations of my spirit, being a Revivalist in a generation that seems unaware that its mandate is to live out the prophetic move of God in this season. This book brings and ties us to the current prophetic trends of our generation and releases a Revelation of heaven on earth through the church!”

Noel Robinson, Worship Leader

When ‘Spirit and Word Collide’ is almost like reading a journal of personal discovery. I first met Jarrod in 1993, and was immediately drawn to a young man whose heart beat was the same as mine. A heart for the Kingdom, Power and Glory… And, as a result to see people supernaturally transformed into the very image of Christ. As you read you will be tracking his encounters with Jesus Christ; his quest, for revival; his revelation of the Word; his insight into The Spirit; his love for the Bride; and his understanding of how the seemingly mundane and practical impact and enhance the ‘spiritual’.

We are on a collision course with Revival of epic proportions. Ignore or embrace; prepare or postpone; on the fringes or in the fire; permanent or passing results. These are some of the choices we have. Read and apply…Here it comes – a collision!

John Wasserman, Airport Christian Fellowship, South Africa

It seems over history the pendulum of ‘spirit’ and ‘word’ swings harshly to the right or the left. Sadly, they are sometimes viewed as opposing thoughts in the body of Christ.  In ‘When Spirit & Word Collide’, Jarrod has married these two truths (for that is what they are) to reveal the value and importance of having them both to see God flourish in our communities.

This book is about a marriage – two different ‘beings’ who have the same heart and so come together to make a union work.  The marriage of spirit and word, so vital – one as important as the other, yet one that cannot truly thrive without the other.  Jarrod marries these two thoughts so well and with great observation and openess clarifies how one cannot thrive without the other.

As someone who has had the privilege of ministering in both highly traditional churches to the more prophetic free form, ‘messy’ and charismatic cultures of pentecostal expressions, I find this book refreshing in it’s approach of valuing a healthy marriage between the two as the new emerging church of this season.

I highly recommend this book from a person who isn’t just observing it, but living it.

Roma Waterman, Australian Author of “The God Artist” and “Releasing Heaven’s Song”, worship leader/songwriter/teacher

Jarrod is part of a new generation who are “standing on the shoulders” of those who have gone before learning from them but willing to ask the hard questions and risk it and are willing to pay the cost. Jarod is speaking from several years of both travelling and local ministry and is now the senior pastor of a church in Hull. He is not the cowboy riding through town and leaves but has “stayed by the stuff” warts and all and worked it through, so speaks out of his own deep experience of what it is to lead a growing church. What he has to say is at times not comfortable but it is right and he is someone who is honest enough to say that he is still learning. in the book he quotes the following “ As a pastor I do not exist to get people into church but into Christ” and I guess this sums everything up, read and be challenged and get prepared for radical changes.

Norman Barnes, Founder of Links International.

When Spirit and Word Collide’ resounds with an inspiring and yet practical message that grips the heart. Delivered with a fresh perspective and insightful teaching, you will be challenged to re-evaluate what God can do through a generation that desire to see His glory.

Evangelist Nathan Morris,
Shake The Nations Ministries

Within the pages of this book Jarrod’s two great passions emerge, namely, commitment to the reality of God’s Word and the power of His Spirit.  As Word and Spirit are authentically experienced within the Church, and through the Church expressed to a dying world, so the God’s glory will be revealed. This is a book birthed from a heart on fire and has the power to kindle a flame within all who read it.

Dr John Andrews
Principal of Mattersey Hall College and Graduate School

When Spirit and Word Collide

£6 for paperback.

BUT THE BOOK HERE for paperback, or buy it for Kindle


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