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Miracle Reports #2013

I’ve just been reading through the supernatural reports from 2011-2012 and found them so inspiring! So I’d thought I’d update you on just some of the remarkable things God has done in 2013, in around our community. 8 MINUTES OF MIRACLES! Every year we have the privilege of hosting the Holy Spirit seminar stream at…
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The Greatest Mountain? The Greatest Battle!

  “60% of UK churches no longer have a corporate prayer meeting.” When I read that stat I wondered about writing a blog “RIP: The British Prayer Meeting”, or “How to revive prayer in a contemporary church setting” etc etc. My worry was no one would click through to read the blog. Unfortunately, the stat…
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Inspired Youth!

God has been moving in a growing and incredible way among our youth since last August. Now, barely a week goes by without healing, prophecy and wonderful touches of heaven among the growing group. It was in March this year (2012) this group fulfilled a vision God gave me in 1996 (before most of them…
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5 Principles of Church Growth

A few thoughts on church growth in a Western setting…. One of the ways we show a love for God and for the people He loves, is to have a passionate, organised, Spirit inspired attitude to reaching lost souls for Christ and growing them into disciples – which means growing our churches. I have noticed…
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15 Deaf Ears Opened in 3 Weeks!

The launch of the Revival Fires tour saw New Beginnings Church in Goole packed to standing room only, and rocking! 2 more deaf ears opened instantly, pain left about 12-15 people’s bodies. It was so touching to see people break out in smiles or tears as years of pain disappeared! That now means 15 different…
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Supernatural Video Reports!

Our tv department has released several short video reports of the amazing move of miracles that has taken place recently around East Yorkshire. Here are just some of the miracles experienced in people’s lives in the last few months: Click to watch: Supernatural report 1 watch Supernatural report 2 watch Supernatural report 3 watch Hear…
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10 Clouds in the Sky

I hear the “sound of a heavy rain”. The horizon is awash with small prophetic clouds, “the size of a man’s hand” 1 Kings 18:41-46. Something is going on in the heavenlies and here’s my reasoning: 1. The “great” can feel it: The Queen states “Jesus wasn’t a Philosopher …. but a Saviour who came…
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#5 What’s Happening?!

The power of God continues to sweep through lives in our little services in a quite remarkable way. It is also encouraging to hear of moves of God in churches across the region: Ministers unable to preach the glory of God is so strong. Healing breaking out without human effort! Something is happening right across…
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#2 What’s Happening?!

Well, the sense of God’s presence and glory continue to rumble through our church! This is now the second week so I thought I’d go through some of what’s happened in the last 7 days. Firstly, the remarkable move of healings has continued. Last Thursday one of our congregation, who I have never known walk…
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