#5 What’s Happening?!

#5 What’s Happening?!

The power of God continues to sweep through lives in our little services in a quite remarkable way. It is also encouraging to hear of moves of God in churches across the region: Ministers unable to preach the glory of God is so strong. Healing breaking out without human effort! Something is happening right across East Yorkshire.

Here are some of the latest remarkable testimonies, thought there are countless smaller healings where pain simply leaves injured, sick or ageing bodies.

Touched Over the Phone!
One of our guys popped this amazing testimony on our Facebook page:

“Last night in the prayer meeting, I was prostrate before the Lord in prayer. My phone buzzed in my pocket, so I took it out and laid it at the front of me.

Unbeknown to me my phone connected to a friend of mine in Aberdeen, who had needed a miracle as she suffers M.E. She said when she answered the phone she could hear music and people singing. Then she felt electricity flow through the phone and it surged around her body.

She knew it was the Holy Spirit ministering to her. She said she was crying, repenting and enjoying God’s presence that lifted out of the uneasiness she had been feeling.

The most amazing thing about this is that I never had credit on my phone to even text, let alone call anyone. Our God is Totally Amazing!”

Following this post on our Facebook page, a friend of this lady messaged me to confirm this had taken place, and then her Pastors wife posted a confirmation that she has indeed been touched by God!

Deaf Ears Opened!
In Goole at New Beginnings Church, who have been deeply involved in this move, one man received healing from deafness. His test? To see if he could hear his car indicator the next day, something he could not normally do. Getting into his car, turning the corner to the sounds of “tick tock” he realised he had been healed!

In another story from Goole, whilst praying over the phone a man was healed of a tumour! Remarkable! There have been quite a few people healed over the phone in the last few months. Thank God for modern technology!

Healed over the Internet!
We recently received this letter: “I watched you via the internet at New Life’s Presence Conference. You mentioned the lady who had bled for many years who was healed by Jesus. I have bled continuously for the past 5years, and have not talked to anyone
about it apart from my Doctor. As I listened to you, I prayed, I prayed for the bleeding to stop, and it has, and I have not bled since then.” Wow!

We have even known people healed via Facebook and Twitter!

Overwhelmed by the Spirit, then Saved!
It has been fairly common for the unsaved or backslidden Christians to shake and weep as worship begins. A lady who had been seeking God, drawn purely by the Holy Spirit, turned up at one of our small services. At one point there was an altar call for a touch of the Holy Spirit which she responded to.

The power of God instantly touched her and she fell, overwhelmed by the power of the Spirit! in the following service, she received Jesus into her life as Lord and Saviour. Isn’t that wonderful?!

All Kinds of Healing
There have been loads of other sorts of healing. From hurts, addictions, unforgiveness.  And there have been many, many, small healings from back pain, injury, seized joints in all the services, homes and on the phone. Still others seem to be on a pathway of gentle and progressive healing as week by week, in the presence of God, they are getting stronger and stronger.

The lady previously blogged about who was released from 6.5 years of agonising back-pain is going from strength to strength, her family seem so blessed by the miracle and complete turnaround.

The gentleman who got up and danced, leaving his walking sticks behind and who could also “look up” despite metal insertions in his neck would appreciate your prayers. He is now battling in another area of illness. Please, as you read this blog, do ask God to touch his life today for for the battle to be won.

Signs and Wonders
Alongside all these touches of healing and salvation, of course signs and wonders of His presence abound. People wake up burning with the fire of God. Many overwhelmed. Many visions. Oil has flowed on hands. The aroma of heaven has been smelt. I have personally been wet through with sweat in a cool room as the power of God has moved. Weird! I don’t understand it all…sometimes they are just signs that make you wonder, just like that burning bush!

All in all, don’t we serve an amazing, Faithful God?!



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