#4 What’s Happening?

#4 What’s Happening?

I must tell you a little about one miracle that has taken place in the last couple of weeks.

A dear member of our church fell almost 7 years ago and has been in agony since, after breaking her coccyx.

After six years of only finding herself pain free when in bed, and with much help from the medical profession, which ended in the removal of her coccyx, the agony still continued.

This of course affected her life, and her busy husbands and teenage children’s lives immensely.

Two weeks ago on a Sunday evening she forced herself to come to our Sunday Night Service, where we simply seek God, invite the sick to be prayed for and allow the Spirit to touch lives with a fresh outpouring of His Spirit. That evening we prayed briefly for her.

She said it was as if electricity went through her, and from that point on she could feel no pain in her coccyx. Driving home her husband tried to go over every bump in the road. No pain.

On returning home, instead of heading to bed they had a meal, sat upright. The family even made her clear up!

Days on, the pain is still not there. She has cleared out rooms she had been waiting 6 years to sort out! The family jokingly say the state of the house and food improved vastly as soon as she was healed!

In her husbands words “I have my wife back!”

Don’t you just LOVE Jesus!

And so the moving of God’s Spirit in this extraordinary way continues. People have turned up from Holland for our prayer meeting. Students are returning from uni just to pray! A man who gave up his walking stick and can now look upwards, despite metal in his neck, continues to be walking well! People with MS are experiencing the feeling return to their limbs. Pain is leaving from disease and injury. Decades of sickness vanishing in a moment. Many healings, large and small, are taking place both in services and among friends and in homes around the region. God is moving!

Our services for healing and outpouring continue Sundays 6.30pm for everyone and Fridays 7.30pm for a Youth Encounter (teens and twenties). Come to be healed. Bring the unsaved. Come to be refreshed and revived in His presence! There are occasional guest speakers, but a lot of the time we may just worship and allow His power to move among us.


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