#3 What’s Happening?!

#3 What’s Happening?!

The three ways God seems to be moving still, almost four weeks into this, is in presence, healing and salvation.

The presence (at times I would say glory) of God, has been so impactful, bringing such a sense of the fear of the Lord. Backsliders are getting right with God, people in church are changing their lifestyles as there are things they used to do, they simply cannot any more. Often you simply cannot preach, the presence of God is so strong, and rolls on for 2-4 hours in worship & outpouring. I have also never seen youth gather like this, from across the region, and lay overwhelmed by God’s Spirit, in complete silence, encountering Jesus! I have also noticed there is nothing like a move of God to sort out unity issues. They get sorted in a millisecond when glory turns up! Just amazing!

The healings in God’s presence have been remarkable. Just yesterday a man left the morning service CARRYING his walking stick. Long term situations like chronic back pain, injuries, lameness, MS are being healed. One man prayed for someone over the phone and a tumour disappeared! Another man, due for an operation on his knees, was jumping up & down amazed at the power of God! Others have been healed with no-one praying for them.

And the touches of the presence of God on the unsaved have been just as powerful. People are walking into the building, breaking down in tears, shaking, falling to the floor … and they are not saved! God is leading them to Himself. “Strangely warmed” by His presence, Wesley would have called it. Amazing!

Church members are feeling compelled to “Gossip the Gospel” as God’s Spirit does what He said He would…make witnesses out of us!

Yesterday I heard of a man who was moving from Canada. At some point God said to him, something like “I am about to move in Kingston”. He presumed God meant Kingston, Ontario, so was a little disappointed he was leaving. Hearing what’s happening, he is now celebrating as he feels it is “Kingston-upon-Hull”. Ha! Something very special is underway.


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