rest-is-not-a-second-class-use-of-time-but-an-act-of-worship“As soon as I send Artemas or Tychicus to you, do your best to come to me at Nicopolis, because I have decided to winter there.” (Titus 3:12 NIV84)

These days it is possible and normal to travel anywhere, almost any time. However there was a time when trips across the sea were best taken at certain times; when the weather could affect plans for a whole season. Paul on his travels, would “winter” somewhere away from the worst of the weather.

And today, we need to retain the art of reading the seasons correctly and “wintering” at the right time.

In our fast paced, pressured lives, endlessly seeking signs of success and fruitfulness, we can lose the balance of wintering. Of slowing down, taking some time from the “front line”. Protecting yourself from inclement weather. Using that time to replenish spirit, soul & body.

The bible is full of pictures of rest and seasons of recuperation. It is powerful and very important. To not understand it is to be idolatrous in regards our own strengths.

The bible speaks of sabbaths; Sabbath days, even sabbath years. How about an entire year of lessened pressure? What might that do to your future? It speaks of leaving fields fallow, as it allows the soil to replenish its mineral nourishment. It speaks of pruned branches, of waiting on the Lord. It shows that inactivity is as important as activity. Not doing is as godly as doing. Rest is not a second class use of time, but an act of worship.

Meditate today, and embrace the winter when it comes.

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