Divine Climate Change

Divine Climate Change


let-us-perceive-the-lord-let-us-press-on-to-experience-him-as-surely-as-the-sun-rises-he-will-appear-he-will-come-to-us-like-the-winter-rain-hosea-6-3“Let us perceive The Lord. Let us press on to experience him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rain” Hosea 6:3

Hosea 6:3 teaches us how to change the climate in our lives. Here’s how to cause it to rain heaven:

Firstly, perceive the Lord. Take a moment to think about the fact that He is right by you, right now. His presence, His wisdom, His power is in the room where you are. His angels are around you. His help is at hand. He is closer to you than your skin!

Secondly, in the words of Hosea 6:3, “press in to experience Him”. Worship Him a little, make some requests, read and think about a few scriptures. Cast all your cares on Him and pause a few moments to listen for Him. Invite the “King of Glory to come in”. Ask Him to fill you with His presence to help you today.

You see, this verse promises that if we perceive Him and if we press in to experience Him; then “as surely as the sun rises, He will come like the rain”.

Can you hear the sound of heavy rain? Can you feel the atmosphere change around you? I promise it is changing as you seek!

Seek Him this way each day, and climate change is on it’s way! The rain of blessing. The rain of fruitfulness. The outpourings of revival. The cloudbursts of healing and stormclouds of heavens armies! Seek Him today and let it rain heaven on your life, your church, your workplace, your nation! We will never be the same again!

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