The Kind of Church I want to go to

The Kind of Church I want to go to

live-concert-388160_1920Lord, can I go to this church please…..

I want to be part of a Church that embraces both Spirit & Word, contemporary excellence AND powerful outpourings of God’s Spirit:

… where there is an ebb and flow of the Spirit/Word dynamics. One week you might think you’re in a Joel Osteen meeting, the next it’s a John Arnott meeting! One week your church feels like Hillsong, the next like Bethel, Redding. One month you’re digesting brilliant theology, the next you’re overwhelmed by glory!
… you are brilliantly organized, but tender and supple to “late notice” from the Holy Spirit. Spontaneity and planning walk in honour of each other, with an enjoyment of flowing between the two dynamics.
… strange things might happen as the prophetic moves among us, but these are explained in common language and with love for the confused. Though we’re never aiming to be offensive or unusual, God’s Might and Mystery are not hidden behind a contemporary mask of “cool”. (Though we are cool! No brownie point for living in the 80’s”…PLEASE take down your felt banners!)
… creative arts, contemporary sounds and stage craft run hand in hand with healing, miracles and glory to reach the lost.
… presence fills the meetings, though not every meeting has to be spectacular. You cannot live on a mountaintop, just visit. It’s unhealthy to think you can live there.
… lives are built on the word & thorough discipleship, not phenomenon, though Spirit phenomenon takes place throughout the church on a regular basis. Apostles exemplify the miraculous publicly.

“I will build My Church!”


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