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The Introverted Leader

We live in a world that seems to adore the extroverted. This has an impact even on the church world. A “faith and leadership” web article recently spoke of “the evangelical megachurch, which often centres around a dynamic, celebrity pastor who encourages others to also be extroverted in their faith.” It would seem that even…
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2018-12-04 1

The STRANGE Complexities of Church Leadership – part 1

Some say church leadership is hard, and there are endless blogs on the sorrows and pains of church leadership. While I sympathize in many ways, I also slightly disagree with this claim. I don’t really think Pastoral leadership is hard as such; it’s more that it is “complex” and “unusual” in ways that many don’t…
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2018-11-29 0

The Greatest Leadership Change I Ever Made!

One of the greatest changes in leadership I ever made, was to stop going on leadership conferences on my own, and to start taking my leadership team and key church influencers with me! Instead of getting all excited about development on my own, suddenly all my influencers started to drive improvement and moves of God…
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2017-12-11 0

The Launch of Revive Academy

Dear Friend, THE LAUNCH OF REVIVE ACADEMY OF LEADERSHIP AND THE ARTS! I am really excited to announce the launch of our new leadership school, a place for your to join our leadership adventure. Have a look around our new website  HERE and watch the 37 second promo video HERE  and get in touch if you…
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2015-07-16 0

Are you suffering from Tabernacle Syndrome?

“Master, it is good for us to be here.” Peter said. “Let us put up three tabernacles, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.” (He did not know what he was saying). Luke 9:33 Many an ageing pastor has informed me, usually with tears in his or her eyes, “We have no…
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2015-07-10 0

The Drain of Unhappy teams

  Leading an unhappy team is an exhausting thing if you care about people. No leader revels in a grumbling, unhappy, uncooperative work force. If “the joy of The Lord is your strength” then an unhappy environment will surely sap the strength out of you! I’ve been there… Exhausted, drained, weary. You’ve got to get…
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2013-12-10 0

A Purple Patch? Really?

  This last weekend a friend commented “Sounds like you’re in a purple patch!” Not being acquainted with the phrase, I discovered it is apparently when everything is going great, note worthy, successful – a great season of fruitfulness in an organisation. “A Purple Patch” on an otherwise dreary garment! It took me by surprise…
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2012-08-31 0

The Kind of Church I want to go to

Lord, can I go to this church please….. I want to be part of a Church that embraces both Spirit & Word, contemporary excellence AND powerful outpourings of God’s Spirit: … where there is an ebb and flow of the Spirit/Word dynamics. One week you might think you’re in a Joel Osteen meeting, the next…
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2011-12-31 0

Sunday, Grumpy Sunday

I realise this may be an utter surprise to those who don’t lead churches… but us pastors can have bad, bad days. Often, Sundays! Now, lots of things make me grumpy. I know it shouldn’t be so, but sometimes Sunday isn’t so much holy for me, as grumpy. Here are the top ten things that…
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2011-11-18 0

A Worship Leaders Secret Weapon!

Many seek to lead worship and yet they do not have a heart after the presence of God. This is always obvious in their ministries, as you cannot pretend to have something you do not have. You cannot lead people in rapturous worship when you have no personal worship life. You cannot obey the Spirit…
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2011-05-26 0

Mentoring 10 Steps

1. The Invitation Be clear about what you are offering the protégé. Be sure it is exactly the sort of mentoring relationship you can both sustain and want. How much time and support can you realistically give? Unfulfilled expectations on both sides lead to disillusionment and ultimately, relational breakdown. Don’t make rash, emotional promises. 2.…
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