A Pastors New Year Resolutions

A Pastors New Year Resolutions

startup-593327_19201. I will not obsess about how many people turn up each week. I will aim for a healthy church, and God can grow the church.

2. I will not end up a part-time Christian while in full time ministry.

3. I will remember I cannot do everything, so make sure my “not to do” list is as big as my “to do list”.

4. I will learn to manage my energy levels, not just my time.

5. I will be a better dad and husband than pastor.

6. I will do something adventurous every month.

7. I will have a hobby. (bible reading & coffee drinking do not count)

8. I will travel to experience other churches, leaders, thinkers.

9. I will not become cynical about miracles or familiar with God’s presence.

10. I will try to smile more.


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