Our Vision at Revive Church

Our Vision at Revive Church

20140102-145336.jpgRevive is an unusual church.

While many churches (quite rightly) exist to reach the parish around them, build happy community and disciple new Christians, Revive does all this, but has an additional call from God.

Revive is one of those places that sometimes feels more like a pioneering movement, than a local church. It has the passion and drive of a missions ministry, but with the happy culture of a family church.

This is because we feel called by God to INSPIRE REVIVAL, locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

We exist to inspire a religious revival locally by building healthy campuses in Hull, Goole, Driffield. We are called to Inspire Revival globally through missions, media, conferences and training.

So while we enjoy great local services in our campuses across East Yorkshire, build community through Connect Groups and reach out to those who don’t know Jesus through youth work, outreach, debt counselling, creative arts shows and street work – we also run national conferences, global missions, broadcast to dozens of nations and feed, set up schools and reach people in need in other nations.

We are totally convinced a revival is growing in the nation, where God’s power is going to increasingly touch our country – our media, parliament and society at large. We are also passionately devoted to a move of God throughout Europe and beyond.

The fact that we feel called to do more than be a local church, means that we seem a bit gung-ho at times, with lots of change, challenge, a passion for places and people we’ve never even met! Do enjoy the roller-coaster ride of fulfilling the commission God has given us – it may not be cosy, but it’s one amazing divine ride!


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