How we build community at Revive

How we build community at Revive

20130131-081225.jpgOnce a church size passes about 100 people, community becomes more complex. It’s simply a sociological fact, and one that will affect you and your church experience.

The small church family that all knew each others names, spent endless hours around each others homes for meal times, and enjoyed the kind of church service where everyone can chip in – all begins to be harder to find as you grow to three figures and beyond.

Well done that you are growing – but your very growth success is the thing that is making you more complex. And now you will find that community and family will not happen by accident any more – it will only happen on purpose.

In Revive Church we purposefully plan and design our church to live in circles, not rows (around living rooms and meal tables…not just church services)… and we do that firstly through Connect Groups.

Connect groups – life in circles

Connect Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants and even out and about on walks – primarily to spend time deepening friendships that are the glue of our community. Some groups do studies, others just have fun. Some involve food, some pray, but all try to be relaxed and designed to grow closer. Everyone, even our most senior leaders, live out of a Connect Group lifestyle.

Ministry groups – shoulder to shoulder

The other way we develop community is by working shoulder to shoulder in ministry groups – whether it’s church service teams, school volunteers, worship team, outreach , youth or children’s work – there are loads of things to get involved in where you get to 1) grow in knowledge and skill 2) reach others and fulfil your call and 3) make friends.

If you do not join a ministry group or Connect group we cannot in any way guarantee that you are going to feel connected, included or able to deepen friendships – and we truly want every family member to know all these things. So join the strategy to grow deeper and stronger together, by being in a Connect group, ministry group, or both! You’ll find healing friendships, wise counsel and strength for the race if you do!

To join a Connect Group or Ministry team chat to a campus leader in your campus or on the balcony in Cineworld Hull or email

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