Covenant Companions

Covenant Companions

Read to the Group: “New Life is going through a major season of change as we seek to keep growing in God. Times of change can be hard on everyone, but reaching maturity requires us to cope with change in a positive way. As John Bevere once said “Your response will determine your future”. We want our response to New Life’s growing vision to be positive, so we are going to study “How to Navigate a Change in Season”

There are three requirements to navigating a change in a season of life, whether that’s job, home or church.

1)     To cope with change you need: A Willing Spirit

READ Psalm 51:12
It is common in a time of change to feel unwilling to co-operate with friends, bosses, or church leaders. Why does the group think this might be?
Question: Why do you think a “willing spirit” is able to sustain you?
Question: How does the group think you could move from unwilling, to willing, in your attitude?

2)     To cope with change you need: A Bridled Tongue

It is tempting in a time of change to complain, grumble and speak badly of others. A bridled, controlled tongue is a necessity for success.

READ James 3:2-12
Can the group describe circumstances, real or imagined, where constant negative talk might affect a life negatively? (e.g. a parent who calls a child “stupid”)
Question: Can the group think of negative things they might say about themselves, that perhaps they should stop themselves saying, as it may steer their own lives in a negative direction?

Activity: Go around the group and think of something encouraging, either a biblical fact about each person, or something you have seen that you admire. Encourage one another. Note how you all feel afterwards.

3)     To cope with change you need: A Worshipping Heart

In a time of change, we need to take our eyes off our circumstances and keep them on God. Hebrew 12:2 says “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith”.

Question:  How does the group think worship might help us fix our eyes on Jesus?
Question: Can the group discuss how “fixing your eyes on Jesus” through worship, might affect your faith, trust and belief?

Activity: Why not take some time right now, to worship God in your group, whether quietly or loudly. Just think and speak the name of Jesus for a few minutes (or take longer with a CD if you wish).  Afterwards Note afterwards how the worship time has made you feel about yourself, your worries, stresses or concerns. Do you feel any better?

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