A Town Between Two Hills

A Town Between Two Hills

Read Introduction: In John 4 Jesus walked into a small town, nestled between two hills, that was a place of amazing religious heritage. It was the grave of the Patriarchs, like Jacob, Joseph, Judah and Benjamin. It was the site of Jacobs well. It was the scene of a remarkable and terrifying ceremony of blessings and curses performed in Joshua 8:30+, and described in Deuteronomy 27-30.

You would think it would make life in this little town spiritually healthy, but instead the town was known as dead, drunk and lying! Jesus meets one woman at Jacobs well whose life is in turmoil, with multiple marriages and immorality. She had drunk her whole life of religion and guilt, but it had not healed or helped her. Today she was about to drink of true life in Jesus, and in this town Jesus first became known as the Saviour of the World!

First, read the whole story in John 4:1-42 for background.

Read John 4:10 The Gift of God

  1. Jesus has a gift to give you, and it is more than simply salvation from hell. What do you think that is? (Read John 7:37-39 for more insight).
  2. What are the dynamics of a “gift”, and why should Jesus choose this word to describe what he wants to give us?

Read John 4:13 “Thirsty again?”

  1. Have you noticed that things in life that should satisfy often don’t? How many things can the group come up with, that people “drink” to try to feel fulfilled or happy?
  2. Are there Christians things we do, that also do not satisfy? Does the group this it is possible to be deceived into just doing “Christian things”, thinking they are what Christianity is about? Discuss what kind of things and how this deception might take place.
  3. So what is the one true thing that will satisfy us through and through, permanently?

Read John 4:14 A picture and result:

  1. As a result of drinking from Jesus, what picture does Jesus use to show what will happen in you? Discuss why he might use this picture and what it may signify?
  2. If drinking of Jesus creates a well in you, what is the final result of the well of God’s Holy Spirit being in you?
  3. When we drink of Jesus a well, or spring, of the power of the Holy Spirit is opened up in us, leading to Eternal life. Read John 17:3 for Jesus definition of Eternal Life. What then, is the end result of drinking of the Holy Spirit? How does this make you feel about taking time to be filled with the Holy Spirit every day?

Activity Take some time now to ask Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Discuss it first if need be, pray for each other, talk about any fears you may have. Pop on a worship CD if it helps, and spend some minutes soaking in God.

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