Training For Reigning

Training For Reigning

Jarrod shares with Revive Church a powerful message of how to power out of lockdown

5 Questions to help you enter your new era:

Context: Genesis 1:26-28/Romans 5:15

1. You were made to rule in life by God’s grace, over a) yourself b) a sphere of influence at home 3) for most, some additional spheres of responsibility (e.g. work, justice, societal and/or church). Can you list the spheres of influence you are or could be influencing?

2. If money was no object, and your fears did not exist, what spheres of influence would you dream of being responsible in? (e.g. families, business, youth, evangelism)

3. Are there any inner thoughts or perspectives, about yourself, God or others, that are making you avoid ruling with responsibility in these areas?

4. You will work and carry responsibility forever in the next life on “the new earth”! If this life is training for the next, how could your responsibility today, line you up for a powerful life, then?

5. Intimacy with God, your identity, your destiny and your responsibilities are unavoidably linked. You cannot do without any of them without losing the other three. Which of the four is your weakest area, the one you need to work on next?

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