The Seven Secrets of Strength

The Seven Secrets of Strength

Read: Samson had a secret to his strength. His seven, long braids of hair! In a similar picture, you have seven secrets of strength outlined in the bible and today we are going to learn about how our secret lives can be a source of immense strength.

(For reference read Judges 16:15-22 if you’d like)

One: The Secret Kingdom
Read Matt 13:11

  1. The Kingdom of God is the secret rule and reign of God within you, changing and refining you. The bible describes it as a treasure hidden in a field, a seed you plant, a pearl you find. To find evidence of this Kingdom, can you describe how you’ve changed for the better since you got saved?
  2. If someone isn’t changing, do you think the secret kingdom is at work in their lives?

Two: The Secret of Contentment
Read: Philippians 4:11-13

  1. Paul said “I have learned the secret of being content”. Can you describe someone you know who is truly content? Do you think it adds strength to their lives?
  2. How can you develop a spirit of contentment, and what are the hindrances?

Three: Your Secret Giving
Read: Matthew 6:1-4

  1. Why do you think Jesus wants our giving to be in secret?
  2. Has anyone in the group experienced the blessing of giving, and God providing for them in return? Share your stories.
  3. Why do you think people don’t tithe? (Malachi 3)

Four: The Secret Quiver
Read Isaiah 49:1-4

  1. Even Jesus experienced times in his life of being prepared, but being hidden, concealed in God’s quiver. You feel overlooked and undervalued. But what value do you think there might be in being hidden, and “held back” from being used, for a season in life? Might it have a positive effect on our character?

Five: Your Secret Prayer Life
Read: Matthew 6:5-6

  1. Why do you think Jesus instructs us to pray in secret?
  2. Can each member describe their failures, and successes in personal, secret prayer. Help each other out! So many Christians get discouraged about this!

Six: Your Secret Thought Life
Read: Joshua 1:8

  1. To meditate literally means to mumble, or whisper. To be successful, God told Joshua to become a whisperer of the word of God! Why do you think this might be?
  2. Can you share your favourite verses with the group, that would help you whisper your way through a problem!

Seven: The Secret Voice of God
Read John 5:19

  1. Jesus only did what he saw his father doing. How could you live your life, only doing what the Father shows you to do? What difference would it make?

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