The Conduct of Kings

The Conduct of Kings

Read: In Genesis 1:26 the bible tells us that mankind was made to “rule over the earth”, under God’s authority. This means that God is not simply “controlling” everything in the world, but rather He waits for mankind to invite Him in. He evidently does not respond to need, otherwise every starving child would be fed. Rather, He responds to a life of faith. Today we are going to study four ways to invite God into your sphere of influence.

One : We invite God into our world by what we Ask
Read John 16:24.

1)     James 4:2 says “You have not because you ask not.” This tells us, that even though God knows everything we need, he requires us to ask him.  Can anyone in the group recount a time they asked God for something, and received it?

2)      Does the group think we ask God clearly, and in faith, as often as w should? If not, why do you think we fail to ask God?

Two: We invite God into our world by what we Do
Read Mark 7:32-25

1)      In this scripture the Father gets Jesus to do some unusual stuff! (We know Jesus was following His Father, as he told us “I only do what the fathers shows me” (John 5:19). Has God ever asked anyone in the group to do anything, either simple, or unusual, that led to God moving? Or can anyone in the group think of any other event in scripture where man did something, and God moved?

2)      How does this principle affect the group as we seek to move forward, going about our everyday lives?

Three: We invite God into our world by what we Sow
Read Malachi 3:6-12 & 2 Corinthians 9:6-11

1)      Tithing, (giving 10% of your income to God) and giving is required to have His blessing on your finances. Can the group list as many reasons as possible why Christians might resist doing this?

2)      Can any in the group recount a time when God blessed them, in response to their sacrificial giving?

Four: We invite God into our world by what we Say
Read Proverbs 18:21

1)      This verse basically means you will eventually experience your words! Pause, and think of the negative and positive things you say about your life, including every throwaway comment you might make. From this, can you create a picture of what you life will be like in a few years? Is the picture you have of your life one of blessing or curse? Sickness or health? Poverty or prosperity? Discuss.

2)      How can you ensure your future is one of blessing from this day forward?

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