The Gracious Hand of My God

The Gracious Hand of My God


hola-beach-club“The Gracious Hand of my God upon me” Nehemiah 2:18

When I think of hands being laid on me, I usually think of getting a smack as a kid, fighting or being chosen to do something I don’t want to do!

But this verse makes me think of something else altogether. “The gracious hand of my God was upon me” conjures up a vision of the might of heaven empowering, sustaining and helping me. (Psalm 89:21).

I think of Hands of Protection; “He hems me in behind and before”. Ps 139:5

I think of Hands of Power; “His mighty hand” took the Israelites through the Red Sea. (Ps 136:12) His hands clear the way, smash through walls, lower mountains, obliterate enemies!

And I think of Hands of Approval; “I have chosen you” as a Father stands; hands on the shoulders of His growing son.

Just think of it…

…The Hands of God, “where His power hides” (Habbakuk 3:4) have been placed on your life, imparting God’s strength, God’s DNA, God’s wisdom and approval.

See yourself as mighty today, because the Gracious Hand of Your God is upon you.

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