PROPHECY – Worship Ministry In The New Era

PROPHECY – Worship Ministry In The New Era

When there’s thousands filling stadiums
Your glory falling down like rain
The blind are seeing, the lame are walking
The mute tongue singing, the dead are raised
When the rulers of the nations
All cry out “How can I be saved?”
Then the days of wonder are upon us

And so we come to the end of our time together. We have laughed at ourselves, at our shallowness at times, and at our need for more of God. We have groaned at our imitation and lack of authenticity.  We have considered what we do in Church and discovered that though most is sincere, perhaps not all is quite what God would have for us. There must be a new wineskin, supple and ready to receive new wine from heaven.

We have looked at our blueprint for worship, and talked much about the Spirit of God, the glory of God, and God’s desire to fill our meetings, homes and prayer lives with his power. This is of course, in order that we may see his glory in the work place, among our neighbours and on the streets, so that thousands may come to a knowledge of Christ.

As I write, our nation is on the brink of war and our way of life threatened by terrorism and fear. Spirituality and the supernatural are of increasing interest to a western world that realise science and government has not brought about the Utopia they had hoped. Now, more than ever, there is the opportunity for the Church to shine as a refuge in a hurting world. Now is the time for her to arise in glory and impact a fearful and frightened world with the one truth and kingdom that will not fail: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, revealed through Spirit empowered preaching and accompanied by signs, wonders and the miraculous.

But what exactly will that new wine, that glory, look like? I am quite sure that without a vision we will indeed perish, and so we must have some idea from heaven, from God himself, of the kind of Church of the future. We have hinted at many things in this book – but let me give you a vision of Church given me by God some years ago:

In 1996 I encountered the glory of God in a six-week visit to South Africa. In that time I was filled with a vision for the United Kingdom and Europe. Night after night I awoke, day after day I prayed, and visions of a great revival were burned into my heart. I am convinced the Church must be ready to host a glory at a level previously unknown.

The presence of God is preparing to sweep across Europe as never seen before. It will be in response, as I have already shared in my first chapter, to the apostolic reformation currently underway. Stadiums, arenas and the greatest auditoriums will be turned into church buildings. Market places filled with thousands will be overcome by the glory of God. The blind will see. The lame will walk. Street evangelism will happen as never seen before, as mass healings take place on street corners and in shopping centres. Where many have spent years sowing, others will reap on a massive scale.

God’s glory will touch the media, politics and royalty. His glory will invade live TV shows, as men and women of God reveal the power of God in healings, strange signs and prophetic words and wisdom. Many politicians will come to Christ in a very visible way. For some this will bring prominence, for others ridicule and scandal. Governments and kings will call days of prayer.

Thousands will stream into the Kingdom of God as a great move of signs and wonders floods our churches, work places and homes. Some believers will be transfigured as Moses was. Trances, dreams and visions will become common place. The weather will be controlled by believers at certain times, and used as a sign to communities where they are ministering. Neighbours will knock on the doors of those known to be Christians, begging to be led to Christ and to find peace for their souls. Many businesses and work places will hold prayer meetings; some will even close for whole days of prayer. Study groups will meet at all hours of the day in business establishments.

The glory of God will fill the greatest auditoriums in the land as Christians try to find places to gather that can contain the numbers flooding into the Kingdom. Great and glorious signs and wonders will be performed by apostolic teams, though even the least among the Church will see miracles as common place. Churches will be planted on a daily basis. Leaders will be trained quickly and released easily. Youngsters will lead churches of hundreds and thousands. A softening of hearts between generations in churches will mean all ages will worship and walk together.

…and Worship Ministry in the Church of the Future?

In the coming move of God’s glory in the earth, worship ministry will change greatly, not so much because of our own skill and design, but because men and women will be so overwhelmed by the presence of God. At times, whole bands will physically collapse under the weight of his presence. On occasions, crowds will stream out of auditoriums, terrified as God’s glory is revealed in clouds, “writings on the wall” (Daniel 5), earthquakes, audible voices and manifestations of angelic beings.

In local churches many congregations will worship and sing without formal worship/music ministries. There will simply be too many Christians to be served by musical bands. People will meet from house to house, where spontaneous worship will flow on led by the Spirit himself. Singing in tongues and intercessions will last for hours and days at a time. Leaders will often take a back seat and let God lead his people, trusting the intensity of his holiness and presence to keep the meetings in some sense of heavenly “order”. The revival will be known as a “leaderless” one in many places, as the glory of God will rest on the corporate Church, rather than just a few prominent figures.

Every expression of worship, from extravagant foolishness, to tender quietness, will flow like waves through churches. Denominational barriers, styles and wrong authority structures will break down in many communities and countries, leaving the church full of variety and flavour, but without barriers and comparison.

Wonderful worship bands, anointed to facilitate God’s presence and move in the prophetic will be raised up. Albums that seem to capture the very intensity of God’s presence will be used to impact millions. Radio and TV will open up to Christian music and feature glorious worship times with signs and wonders. These broadcasts will impact many households, and through the medium of T.V. millions will be saved, experiencing the presence of God in worship.

Some communities will feature 24-hour worship times, lasting for months and even years. Some of these will become incredible “hot spots” of God’s glory, and the light of God’s presence will be physically seen from miles around at times. Many people, saved and unsaved, will be overwhelmed by God’s Spirit when attempting to travel near these places. There will be 100% success rates in praying for the sick in some of these communities, a fact that will result in thousands visiting for prayer. Kings and presidents will visit them and find their hearts melting, touched by the glory of God during worship.

What Will You Do?

As you can see, I believe extraordinary days are ahead of us. What will you do to re-design your corporate worship, church, ministry and lifestyle for the glory of God? In some way, the glories outlined above depend on the preparation of your church temple? This is a biblical truth.

Will you stand on the sidelines while others pioneer new blueprints for the corporate gathering capable of bending to the weight of God’s glory? Will you look at your life and ask yourself “Where can I follow God more, be filled with him more and show his glory more?” Will you look at your worship ministry and honestly examine the validity of its blueprint? Is it man-made, or God made? If it is God made, is it a relic of a past move, or a fresh design, the ink still wet from the master’s pen?

Gather your leaders and ask God together, “Lord what must we do to host your glory? What is your specific worship blueprint for us?” I am quite sure he will answer, whether by word or circumstance. And on that day you will begin a journey to build a temple for his presence in the earth. And who knows what will happen on the day God’s awesome glory fills that temple?

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