Pause Again!

Pause Again!

I notice so many ministries and churches are going through another small, resetting PAUSE time. It’s as though we have come out of the last 3 years ready (desperate!) to enter the new, and while much of what we’re moving into is “almost right” many are feeling “it’s not 100% right YET!”. 

Like new shoes, pinch points are beginning to hurt as we seek to build up momentum again. Weariness still lingers. Old mindsets arise again in the late adopters. The sense that we don’t want “any new thing” – we want HIS new thing must take priority. 

Time to pause a minute and take a breath. Time to adjust, make a few more changes. ALMOST right won’t do – there is still more cleansing, adjustment, removal, reset, realignment, relocating and redefining to do.

So don’t feel alone if you have to “pause again”. Everyone around you may cry out “Enough of the pauses! We want to get back to normal” – but follow the Spirit; don’t strive in the flesh. The arm of man cannot build what God is doing.

Listen again. Be willing to reanalyse the new blueprints again. Seek HIM again. Check your heart again. Surrender again. Be filled again. Make changes again. 

The journey ahead is going to happen in stages led by the Spirit, not the empire building of man. So surrender – and all the stresses of this process will leave you.

As God is about to move in fresh glory, the precision required for the temple of the Church in the coming era is important (Exodus 24:50). Sloppy Church won’t do. Beautiful, glorious temple is HIS aim. So let’s take our time. His glory demands it.

If we let the Lord build the House – wow…it’s going to be epic!

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