Prophecy: The Word of the Lord for 2021

Prophecy: The Word of the Lord for 2021

On the night of 14th December 2020 I had a dream.

In it I was leading a church service from the stage, with many in attendance. As I was about to announce the guest speaker, hundreds began to leave the service from the rear of the hall. They streamed out rapidly in droves, leaving the building virtually empty!

“What’s going on?!” I turned and asked another leader on the platform, slightly exasperated and confused.

“They want to go out now and preach the Gospel on the streets” came the reply.

In the dream my heart filled with a mix of frustration regarding our now redundant plans for the service, including our now pointless guest speaker! But I also felt genuine joy that something of an uprising of desperation to share the gospel was driving the church in multitudes out of “my service” and onto the streets to share the Gospel.

As I woke the words “The Church Has Left The Building” filled my mind, at the vivid scene of hundreds of church goers exiting the service!

As we enter 2021 I believe we will indeed find “The Church Has Left The Building” – as we will find God has used the 2020 season to reset and release us from our old ways of building-centred programmes and our propensity to place the value of “gathering” above the value of “going” in our church cultures.

Multitudes no longer content to attend a good church, listen to sermons and enjoy sing-alongs are going to rise up with a desperation for the “Real Thing” found in the Book of Acts – a longing to share the Gospel with signs following, to fight for justice, to feed the poor and visit the prisoner, to bind up the broken hearted and set free the captives. New innovative ideas from heaven for outreaches, businesses, influential forums and new church projects will flood the ranks of the Church.

For some it will almost seem like a righteous rebellion against the religious norms of the last 50 years, as it will be uprising from the congregation, not necessarily from the normal platforms of leadership. In fact, there will be places where the leadership are doing all they can to return to normal church life, post-Coronavirus, yet the people will want to rise to a faith that is more radical, more original, more like the early Church, with its adventures, its energy, its fruitfulness and its passion.

In some places the people will ignore the leaders (as the crowd ignored me on stage in the dream!), and head off with God on divine adventures, such will be the “fire shut up in their bones” to shift up a gear in God’s purposes. A revolt against religious form will drive many from the meeting place to the market-place, finding new, innovative, fresh ways to infiltrate the world with the Word, and usher in the Kingdom.

Leaders Face a Choice

Church leaders must be willing in this time to give up the frustration that all is not as it was, and even that our attempts to return to normal are continually thwarted. Instead, we must give way to the smile in our hearts of the uprising of God’s people! Successful, godly leaders will give way to new longings for a deeper prayer-life & God-encounter among us.

They would also be wise to give way to a new spirit of unity and collaboration that will almost seem so extremely selfless, it threatens the very concept of success for your “own” church, in preference for loving, serving and working with others. This will deeply challenge the egos of many leaders. Our ego’s are about to be dashed on the rocks of God’s purposes!

Finally, leaders must also give way to the drive to the harvest field that will rise up in church members. “We must do more for the poor, for justice, to speak out, to reach the lost, to heal the hurting,” will be the heart cry of many in the pews. “Less playing at church, much more Kingdom Come!”

Leader, give way to the shifting purposes of heaven. Give way to an uprising of passion for the lost. Give way to the call for collaboration. Smile at your owns plans being thwarted as an uprising from heaven steals the agenda. If you do, you will find the favour of heaven and the joy of a true shepherd will fill your heart.

May 2021 be the year the Church left the building behind, to “Go into all the world” as the Master commanded.

You can watch this prophecy being given by Jarrod HERE.

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  1. Rodney Pidd says:

    Hi Jarod,
    Your dream is from God, your interpretation is almost right.

    Yes the congregations are going to leave, disillusioned by the church of today.

    Some of the leavers will find the Kingdom of God and enter in.

    Then the King of the Kingdom will take them through His holy fire, and they will become useful to Him and prepared for every good work.

    Then they will be effective witnesses of the truth and the last great harvest will begin.

  2. Peter Marks says:

    I’ve listened to this on YouTube and I think that it really credible. I have thought that a tie will come when the last stragglers are to be gathered in. More like gleaning than the harvest. I think that a big wake up call is need though

  3. Angie Mizon says:

    HI Jarrod, 5 years ago now God gave me a vision. I was standing in Heaven and was watching as many Bright White Javelins where being thrust to earth, as these passed through the enemy’s kingdom they dulled, They travelled on downward and as they hit all parts of England the lower third of all of them were that same pure bright white. As they hit the ground pools of pure ‘living water’ poured from the ends of every one of them to water the ground. What I felt at the time was that ‘church’ as we know it was going to change, and God was going to shift it’s focus into each and every neighbourhood, and would become more relevant wherever His people were. So gradually I am beginning to see the starting of God’s new plans come into being for us all

  4. Dani says:

    That’s quite a dream. Good blog and we see a falling away. Yet, HE told HIS remnant to watch – many times. So we watch the many signs of HIS return. I found the torahcalendar recently which fits into one of the many signs. Not finding a church anymore, We can’t be discouraged as HIS people are scattered around the world, waiting and watching and blogs like this help us to stay focused on HIS word – every day in prayer and praise. I’m catching on to the book of truth also – given to Daniel for the end times. I think daniel 11 covers events happening now awaiting the abomination of desolation which he tells us of many times and the LORD mentioning in Matthew. Thanks for the blog and allowing my post.

  5. Jenny says:

    Jarrod, I hope you and your family have a really wonderful Christmas and that you are truly blessed during this season. I’m very grateful for the posts and the broadcasts that you have done since we first went into the pandemic and throughout, which have been sources of hope and inspiration during a most difficult year. I’m still holding onto the prophetic word that God is enthroned above the flood and that there will be a point in time that it will go and people will wonder what it was all about. Plus the broadcasts on what the prophets are saying were excellent as well as the other topics you covered to get us focused and prepared on the bigger things of what God is doing and what is coming. Thank you again as it was much appreciated.

    • Bless you Jenny! Have a wonderful Christmas, and thank you for the encouragement! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. Alan Finch says:

    An in depth study of Revelation 18:4 reveals that the cry for God’s people to “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” is in regards for God’s people to come out of the Institutional Church of organized religion.

    The main purpose for God’s “Two End-Time Witnesses” will be to deliver that message and to bring forth revelation truth from God’s Word that has been so lacking since the days of the Early Church.

    The message of the “Two End-Time Witnesses” will cause a MASS EXODUS from the Institutional Church of organized religion.

  7. Jenny says:

    A real honest sharing of what God is doing at this time. Personally, I feel it is a time for all of us to seek God and His purposes even if this means going in another direction from where your own church is going. Obedience to God is the overriding factor at this time and not trying to please people and fit in. But it will reap rewards as the full calling on your life will be released and you will get the desires of your heart. It takes courage for you go against the flow of what has been known to you and what you have been used to. It takes courage to take radical steps to fulfill God’s call. It takes courage to be part of the new and to be reformers and revivalists in the new season. It takes courage to take a giant leap of faith into unknown territory and out of your comfort zone.
    “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6.

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