Behind The Scenes #1

Behind The Scenes #1

It’s the day before we begin the largest revival gathering in Hull in living memory! I’m making the most of a quiet day before it get’s wild.

Most of the 4400 seats available over the next three days, across five great events, are booked up, by people from our region & across Europe. Expectations are sky high!

Since Nathan Morris’ last visit to us in Sept 2011 we have seen such wonderful touches of the power of God. Lives healed in churches, homes, streets, workplaces. Backsliders coming back to Christ. Unsaved overwhelmed by God’s power, getting up and getting saved!

Only yesterday I was hearing about our youth praying for the sick with words of knowledge on the streets, seeing healing! This move has had a massive impact on our church.

In 1996 God showed me the UK with her City Halls and Theatres rocking with the glory of God. Shopping centres filled with people experiencing miracles. Tomorrow this starts to come to pass as we gather at Hull City Hall.

I called this weekends event “For such a time as this”, a reference to Queen Esther’s royal role in delivering the Jews (read her book – it’s great!). My feeling was, we are entering the time when so many revival prophecies are starting to come to pass. It’s time!

Unbeknown to me, tomorrow it is the Jewish feast of Purim! The very feast that celebrates Esther’s achievement!

So, “For such a time as this … week” it is! Brace yourself!!

I’ll post to this blog a couple of times a day – give those interested an inside story of what ‘s happening.

See you at Hull City Hall!


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