A Vision formed from Tears!

A Vision formed from Tears!

In 1995 I walked around a remarkable Christian school in South Africa, holding back the tears – seeing the most amazing, vibrant, talented, well mannered children. Children whose potential was being both guarded by good staff and whose faith was nurtured in a natural faith filled environment.

I knew then that I would one day pioneer such a school in England.

20120704-100000.jpgNew Life Christian Academy
In 2010 we pioneered the New Life Christian Academy, a private school offering a Christian education for as little as £180 a month.

It has been amazing to see our school established. There is such a sense of peace, fun and joy. A bullying-free environment, where studying and sports co-exist alongside prayer and worship. The children prayed for one of the teachers at assembly the other day, and her back was instantly healed! The presence of God in assembly brings you to tears, seeing the children truly worship God!

What Does Ofsted Think?
In it’s first Ofsted report everything has been judged to be “Outstanding” or “Good” at the new school, a report that means we are already one of Hull’s leading schools – a remarkable achievement in our region. In September 2012 we open the school to senior students.

But why Christian education?
The school we send our children to, will have a massive effect on them for the rest of their lives. It is a decision every parent takes prayerfully and with investigation. To have the option of a Christian education in a city like Hull is vital.

A Christian education may not always the the right thing for every child; but some really do need the extra impact a faith school can offer. Some say “I don’t want my child to be too cushioned from the real world” and yet soon realise that there is an immense amount of pressure that any parent would want to have reduced in their child’s life.

From things as simple as swearing and bullying, to recent development in sex education and the advancing secularisation of our schools – What our children need these days is time to grow up BEFORE being hit by the flood of adult temptations and pressures. Protecting children and allowing grown up influences into their world in a measured manner, is the role of every parent and school. The New Life Christian Academy does just that.

The Best of State Education, Meets the Best of Christian Education
When we started our school we said we wanted to combine the very best of state education with the very best of Christian education. We’ve done exactly that by employing a brilliant head teacher, who is running the independent school at a level we are told most independents don’t reach, because she has come to us from the state school sector senior management.

If you live in our region, or have friends who do, and are interested in sending your child/ren to our school, whether primary or senior school age, check out our website and come along to an up coming open day.

I Can’t afford it!
Don’t worry about the money – we do have bursary places available if it’s an issue. The main thing is to get the right education for your child. After all, the bible says “Train a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it”

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