Arise Shine, part two

Arise Shine, part two

Read Introduction: The bible says we can “arise and shine” (Isaiah 60:1). To shine (in plain English, reach maturity and fulfilment), Jesus gives us some very plain information in the book of Luke. Jesus said “shining” was all about the state of your eyes. This week we are going to learn about how we rise and fall depending on the quality of our eyesight!

Read Luke 11:34-36

1)    What do you think Jesus means when he says “if your eyes are good” ? How can you eyes be “good”? How can your eyes be bad? Are there things that make our eyes bad?

2)    What do you think it means, for your body to be “full of light”?

3)    How can we change the quality of our “seeing” to make it good, instead of bad?

Read Genesis 3:6-10

1)    In the beginning Adam and Eve’s eyes were “opened” by committing a sin. How do you think sinning might negatively impact your world view, view of others, and self image?

2)    Why do you think Adam and eve hid from God and why might we do the same today?

3)    What do you think would be God’s response to Christians who hide from Him today?

Read: Number 13:33 says “We seemed like grasshoppers in our eyes, and so we became in theirs”. In this verse the children of Israel see themselves as small, and so they became small in behaviour, attitude to destiny, and to obstacles in their lives. Because of this a generation did not enter the Promised Land.

1)    How do you think wrong self image and self esteem issues can hinder destiny in lives today?

2)    How would you advise each other to develop a positive, godly, self image?

3)    Why not go around the group and share encouraging things you see in each other’s lives. Note how others perception of you is different to your own, using it as a lesson in the possible inaccuracy of our personal view of ourselves.

Read Revelation 4:6

1)    In this verse, the Living Creatures are covered in eyes whilst in God’s presence. What possible impact do you think “seeing” all you can of God, could have on your life?

2)    Can anyone in the group give testimony to a time when a fresh view of God, in worship, God encounter or revelation, brought encouragement to their lives?

3)    If it suits the groups situation, why not spend some moments in reflective worship before God, basking in a fresh “hearts view” of your King and Saviour. Perhaps use a worship CD if it helps. Note how the time gazing on God changes how you feel.

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