Walk with God

Walk with God


08-27-2018-2“Noah … walked with God” Genesis 6:9

We often use the phrase “walking with God” in a poetic sense – expressing the journey of a life lived God’s way. It is a wonderful use of poetry.

But I wonder if that is exactly what the scriptures always mean?

Genesis 3 shows us that Adam heard “the sound of God walking in the cool of the day”. God’s Spirit literally moved through the beautiful garden He had planted, seeking out the very reason He made it all in the first place – a place for friendship with man.

It would seem “walking with God” in the cool of the evening or the morning was a very real, rather than a metaphorical thing. We might even learn from this, that God loves to be with us as we start and round off our days, walking, chatting, comforting, empowering – in the relaxing setting of a mountain, a garden, a quiet walkway.

There is something calming about walking among nature. It soothes our souls, slows our pace, reminds us of the slow beat of seasons and entrances us with the miraculous grace of life. Jesus did it a lot during His ministry. Perhaps there’s something in it?

Maybe if you turned your ear to heaven right now, you’d hear God say “Would you like to go for a walk? It really is quite beautiful outside…”


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