Unity is not THE Answer

Unity is not THE Answer

this-how-men-shall-know-you-are-my-disciples-by-your-love-for-one-another-jesusThere are endless unity meetings I could be in. As a minister I could literally spend most days in some networking meeting or another. But I feel we actually have a job to do in reaching millions of souls (not reaching each other!)…..and I have discovered….

10 things Unity is not…

  1. Unity is not a group of leaders sat in a room together (just because they are TOGETHER it certainly does not mean they are UNITED!).
  2. Unity is not a gathering of saints from across a region, singing songs, and desperately keeping the meeting to the lowest common denominator, so as not to offend. Gatherings should reflect & celebrate our strengths, not run from them.
  3. Unity is not a Committee. Biblical unity is driven by 5 fold ministry (eph 4:11-16), not organising committees.
  4. Unity is not created by making leaders feel guilty and leprous if I don’t turn up to your network meeting.
  5. Unity is not an event….Unity is brothers “dwelling together”…living together. Ps 133. All the events in the world won’t cure the unloving, unfriendly heart. Repentance will.
  6. Unity is not THE key to Strength. The bible says “one will chase a thousand, two 10,000”. One weakling doesn’t team up with another weakling and suddenly become amazingly powerful in God. It is talking about one who can already chase 1,000! When heroes team up with other heroes, amazing things happen. When plebs team up, you just get two plebs! (Nicked from D. Gilpin)
  7. Unity is not me giving up my belief in the miraculous to keep others happy.
  8. Unity is not possible if you feel threatened. Love cannot exist where leaders are Competitive, Jealous, Envious, self centred or carrying agenda’s for power.
  9. Unity is not THE answer. (Jesus is!) Nor is it always good. God had to destroy the unity of Babel as they were united for all the wrong reasons. “A friend of fools suffers harm”. The prophet said “I sat alone because your hand was upon me”.
  10. Unity is not the “cure all” that will bring revival. We simply need to repent of our unloving hearts, be friends, and start getting the job done.

Unity is….

….a spirit, not an organisation. Eph 4:3. It is how we act and feel about each other, being generous to each other, genuinely seek each other’s best. Unity is laughter, peace, friendship, fun, understanding, sacrificial generosity, forgiveness, patience & thoughtfulness. It is still cheering each other on, whether I irritate, inspire, fall down or race ahead. It is basic Christian behaviour, outworked among churches, ministers, disciples.

Events are never going to cut it. We want the SPIRIT of unity flowing among us.

“This how men shall know you are my disciples, by your love for one another” ~ JESUS


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