Turn Problems into Power!

Turn Problems into Power!

Today I heard Graham Cooke say “God would not send a problem your way, without provision attached to it!”

What a thought! As God is good, and “works everything together for our good,” we must conclude that everything He allows, He will only use to perfect, grow and shower further grace and favour on us, while deepening our intimate knowledge of Him and His love for us.

Knowing this transforms how we should face a problem. It gives us faith and hope, that to God, every problem exists only to show us the greatness of God and grow us into the image of Christ.

Begin to view problems and trials differently. From heaven, God considers that:

  • Every leadership problem is there to make us better, wiser leaders!
  • Through every family problem God wants to make us better parents, better spouses (better people!) and reveal His power to us, if we co-operate in faith with Him.
  • Every financial problem is only there to make us wiser with money and so God can reveal that He is a miraculous, merciful Provider!
  • In every health issue He wants us to learn that He is our intimate Healer, Comforter, Protector, Faithful and to show us how to live wiser with our health.
  • Every relationship problem only exists to make us more loving, kind, forgiving, patient and relationally intelligent.
  • Every set back exists to grow our strength, our trust and to show us God’s power to come through for us, right on time!
  • Through every season of oppression from the enemy He wants to teach us how to walk by faith, to be strong, how to fight, and how trust Him to be our Rescuer.
  • Even every broken season He will use to show us His tenderness and loving ability to restore our souls and bind up our broken hearts.
  • …and if (OK, when!) we fail Him, if we are humble, repentant and hungry for Him, He will prove that He has the power to make Plan B, even greater than Plan A was ever going to be! SUCH grace!

So, walk in hope and faith! Begin to see every problem, even when not sent by God Himself, to be the beginning of a journey to know Him better, grow more Christ-like, and grasp His grace. He knows it all. He promises to use it all. He promises to make us like Christ. He is devoted to using everything to grow our intimacy with Him. This hope stands us in the posture of faith, where we can see God come through for us again and again!


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