True worship just might be messy…

True worship just might be messy…

I have discovered the greatest hindrance to a move of God can be quite simply right between my ears! My arrogant senses of right and wrong, godly and secular, acceptable and unthinkable. My religious education. My British culture. They can all hinder the divine, eternal culture of heaven from piercing through the dull temporal culture of church and ministry today.

In my own faltering worship journey, I have discovered fallacy after fallacy in my thinking, many of which I have had to reject in order to see God’s power at work.

One myth is that God’s order is like ours! How wrong I was!

I have discovered that Church can either be a mortuary or a nursery. While a mortuary may be clean, disinfected, tidy and orderly, it is a place of death. But life is messy – you can’t avoid that. A nursery is full of life: Noise, mess up the walls, brown stuff in corners, funny smells and big mistakes. But it is life; wonderful life! People learning, growing, feeding, sharing and laughing.

The Church should be a place of learning and growth, like a nursery. Some would say “God is not a God of disorder”, but you must understand that God’s order is not ‘western’ or subject to your culture. God’s idea of order may be the day of Pentecost, with people looking drunk and babbling in tongues. His order may be like the temple, so filled with glory, that people are unable to do their work. You’ve only got to read a few pages of scripture to realise God overwhelms earthly situations with heavenly “order” at times. We must allow the mess of life and learning to exist in our churches if we desire his power.

An extract from Jarrod Cooper’s book “Glory in the Church”




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