I’ve just written a new song! – It’s 2020, and all across the world, churches are in lockdown due to the pandemic. While I fully understand governmental lockdown requests around the world (I mean, God Himself commanded the Israelites to lockdown in their homes, for their own protection … and then they then had to celebrate it every year since at Passover!)


There is another side to this story. UK Prophet Tomi Arayomi said a phrase earlier in 2020 that has stuck with me: “The enemy hates the gathering.”

While I believe in lockdowns, I also know that there is about to be a move of God that the enemy fears. We are soon going to burst out of lockdown into moves of worship and evangelism like this generation has never seen. I believe there is a surge that will soon take place with gatherings large and small, indoors and outside, in cathedrals, churches, theatres, cities centres and sports venues as thousands gather to worship, intercede and evangelise, encountering the glory of God as never before! Get ready for outpouring!

I have written a short song stirring up these thoughts to help you pray towards this, and we aired it LIVE on Tribe TV last night. Listen to the song, pray, prepare, seek God – THE GATHERINGS ARE COMING!


The enemy hates the gathering,
The enemy hates our singing,
The enemy’s silenced by the praising saints,
The royal assembly of the Risen King…

The gatherings are coming, it won’t be long,
The gatherings are coming, there’ll soon be the sound of song,
The gatherings are coming, where His glory will fall,
And the beauty of the Lord will be seen by all.
The beauty of the Lord will be seen.

My Jesus He loves the gathering,
My Jesus He loves our singing,
King Jesus He fills our praising,
A throne of worship for the Risen King…

2020 (c) Jarrod Cooper

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  1. Marina gobbett says:

    Amen Amen Amen … We will fill the earth with the sound of Jesus …

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