I have been meditating on Tuckman’s theory that good teams often go through stages of initial forming, then enter a storming stage before a norming appears, as direction and relationships settle. And I believe God is speaking to me about many in the body of Christ right now:

The body of Christ is at a great junction of change and new direction, and many people, teams, churches, ministries and expressions of His Body are in a phase of storming because of the changes He is bringing. 

At this intersection of change, relationships, methods, people skills, visions, clarity and definition are all being stretched, as we strain to find the right direction in God for the next season of destiny.

This had led to a sense of relational storm: Storms in our communication, of frustration, irritation and even, where trust is low, of suspicion. This is a time when you need to MAXIMISE your people skills. Be hyper forgiving and gracious, and yet kind honesty is also a must. 

It’s an uncomfortable but necessary stage. Don’t resist it, but instead go THROUGH it, as the storming is part of the natural process of change. 

The pathway from storming to a new “norming” is one that requires consideration: 

In this moment you must take time to process the last decade or season, to reflect, be thankful, to offload burdens and even regrets. 

Then take time to clearly hear God’s voice for the way ahead. God speaks in whispers, so silence is required. Down tools. Cease. Sabbath well. Listen, journal, find prophetic friends and listen together. Sit in stillness and process with God as He speaks. 

Many are at a junction (intersection), and the best thing to do at a junction is to STOP, look, wait – and then identify the right way to go next. Give this time. 

Presumption and rushing, at this stage,  will lead to wrong decisions, frustrating delays and a season where grace seems to lift. The “storming” phase will last longer than necessary if you don’t pause.  

But if you pause, reflect, process, listen and hear God’s voice for the way ahead, a new “normal” will suddenly begin to appear. Yes, some relationship and allegiances will have changed, as they are unnecessary for the next season. Some things will have closed down, old projects ended, roles adjusted, methods updated- BUT, you will feel the fresh, energised winds of heaven on your back, pushing you on into the next great season in the Father’s Masterplan. 

Endure the storming – new direction is being formed! 

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3 Responses

  1. Vanessa Gulerdogan says:

    Thank you
    This has blown my mind
    The more I walk with Christ , the more I hunger
    I’m starving !
    In Christ
    Vanessa ( Herts )

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you .Don’t we all need Gods directionin in this next season . We have come a long way , We must have got near the finishing line .

  3. Debbie says:

    So relevant keep hearing stand at the cross roads and wait!

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