PROPHECY – God’s New Call to Prayer!

PROPHECY – God’s New Call to Prayer!

Could it be that our propensity to run to mission and busyness, without attentively tending to our altars of prayer, encounter and worship, means much of our church efforts are often powerless good works? Does our prayerlessness mean we lack the markers of God’s power among us, His presence upon us and His glory within us?

But what if we take this Divine Reset time we are in as a signal to return to our makers instructions, that we should be a House of Prayer for all nations? (Mark 11:17) To passionately love God first, before we busy ourselves with anything else. To give ourselves in undistracted ways to His presence and loveliness, to wait on His words, to gaze on His beauty.

I believe it would transform the very atmosphere of our church families if we did! To begin with, rather than the mere enthusiasm caused by an exciting vision or great communicator, the Church would instead find a far more divine atmosphere begins to live powerfully among us, the very glory of God!

In my book “500” I prophesied about an increasing sense of glory being poured into the Church in the coming new era. This, I believe, is the environment a Church devoted to prayer will begin to enjoy:

“The Church will be filled with glory. A weighty sense of presence that has grown since the early 1900’s will begin to flood every corner of the Church – even the most stoic of church expressions will be found weeping at the wonder of His goodness again. Of course, there will be a backlash, that the coming glory is a figment of overly excited “Charismatic” imaginations, but the rising tide of glory and power will reach everyone who is thirsty – the coming move will be so obviously brought by the hand of heaven, that most of the Church will eventually open itself to new realms of power.

Signs and wonders will become incredibly common place – even among children and denominations formerly thought of as “dead”. Indeed the dead will be raised, remarkable healings and miracles, transfigurations, men and women glowing at the presence of God. These signs will fascinate the world and eventually be impossible to ignore, even by the most wary of media outlets.”

Until we give ourselves fully to the focus of prayer, deep worship and encounter, I fear we will be dry, bankrupt versions of the real thing. We may be busy about our good works, but we will be devoid of power, Spirit-filled in name only, seeing little or none of God’s miraculous power from decade to decade.

How might you become a House of Prayer for all nations? How should you respond to the call to become “undistracted” in your love for God? How might your church find itself fulfilling the original cultural design of God’s church by having “prayer” listed among your highest priorities? I’m sure it will be outworked uniquely with each of us, but if we do find ways to become House of Prayer and encounter, then I’m convinced God’s glory will flood us.

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  1. DAVE REDFERN says:

    Thanks 😊 so much 4your encouragement… equipping the saints and the Church 2become a House of Prayer 4the Nations.

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