Believe & Confess For TEENS


Another brand new addition to the Believe & Confess series, written specifically for teenagers.

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In 2019, in a vision I saw an army rising up out of the Church, but it wasn’t an army of adults, it was an army of youth, 18 years and younger. They looked strong and fearless, ready for battle and eager to win. My heart skipped a beat with fear. Why are they fighting? They are innocent. Everything in me wanted to protect them.

But I felt the Spirit of God stop me in my tracks and say, ‘NO! You can’t protect them by cocooning them. You protect them by teaching them to fight. To fight fear! To fight anxiety! To fight worry. To fight with faith. To fight with truth in this darkening age.’And this is what this book is about…teaching you to fight with the Word of God.

I want this book to empower you and help you to delve deeper into the scriptures. To know what God’s Word says about you so when you are faced with issues of identity, you look at what God’s Word says about you and not your Instagram feed.

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