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  1. Brian Scully says:

    Praise GOD -but we must keep praying -at times it seem we have forsaken God as a nation just as Israel did – but GOD is faithful . Pray that he pours out on us the gift of repentance so we may return to HIM and take the Gospel back to Europe .

  2. Vanessa Gulerdogan says:

    Thank you
    This has blown my mind
    The more I walk with Christ , the more I hunger
    I’m starving !
    In Christ
    Vanessa ( Herts )

  3. yellowyarrow says:

    Thank you for those very good points.

    Also, sometimes people pray for a person’s healing but that person dies. But sometimes one of the people who has prayed is shown by God that there is a reason why He did not heal, but rather allowed them to die.

    And, I also think that sometimes people pray for the ‘wrong’ thing..for the ‘right’ reasons. However, without at the same time seeking to find out how God sees the situation, then they don’t perhaps pray along the right lines and then don’t understand when they don’t get a ‘good’ result.

  4. My introduction to the healing ministry was in 1986 on stage with John Wimber I was praying as a novice for a lady with a caliper on her leg, the pain got worse and John Wimber told the audience of 2500 people that was often the case as the enemy comes with more pain to convince you that you will not be healed, I had my first word of knowledge for the lady which was sister she was reconciled to her sister and by the end of the week the caliper was off her leg.
    I remember Jesus words go in peace after perfomring a miracle for someone, and I sense some time there is a need to seal our healing by walking in love, peace and humility through the gracious way the Lord has touched us.(also changes of lifestyle)
    We remember visiting a house bound lady for over 7 years and giving her communion on a regularly basis and al lthe time praying for her healing, one day it happen she was free of pain over a weekend for the first time in seven years. We were thrilled about that, however on Monday a extraordinary attack came and she was even worse than before, and ask us to stop praying for her. We continued to love her and pray for her, sometime later she became terminally ill, and passed onto glory soon after.
    On other occasion with a few folk from Kingdom Faith 25 years ago now we prayed through the night for a man by his bedside in hospital with a major heart condition and we broke through corporately in prayer in the early hours and saw healing take place there was a sense of mission accomplished by the team and we went but we were wrong in the morning as his wife was on the way to the hospital to pick him up another massive heart attack happened and we were deeply sadden Your article reflects my experience and I learning all the time how to be more effective having reading all of Colin Urqhuarts books and been a part of Kingdom Faith for over 30 years.

    1. Thanks for your comments! Very insightful!

  5. Nick Gray says:

    Hi Jarrod, your post made me think of the song you wrote once about thousands filling stadiums and God’s glory falling like rain!

    1. Yes! Days of wonder! Bless ya Nick. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. Christine says:

    Thank you .Don’t we all need Gods directionin in this next season . We have come a long way , We must have got near the finishing line .

  7. Debbie says:

    So relevant keep hearing stand at the cross roads and wait!

  8. Shan Brown says:

    This is so helping me come to a real understaning

  9. Shan Brown says:

    Thank you for not making me guilty about the length of my prayer time. I change my patterns so its good to know the difference.

  10. Anna says:

    Hi Jarrod, just re-reading this and finding it very inspiring! Your father, I think, had a dream as well which I wanted to re-read that mentioned different phases in it, but I can’t find it note. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thank you! Anna

    1. Jarrod Cooper says:

      Hi Anna. Try this link for that article…

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