On the brink of a powerful new season in God…

On the brink of a powerful new season in God…

Dear friend,

I feel as though we are on the brink of a powerful new season in God. God is about to manifest His power in such a way that you are thrust into a new day of destiny. Are you ready for that?

You are coming into a season of acceleration, release, fulfillment – where confusion lifts, the brakes are taken off, and you will enter into a greater era. For many it seems that God has been holding us back, as though life has been on pause in some ways – but He’s only allowed this to prepare our hearts for what He’s about to do. It’s about to get very powerful! Stick with it!

This autumn is going to be a part of that incredible new season…

Coming very soon we have…

  1. Monthly Leaders Forums for Pastors continue
  2. A NEW Tuesday morning Bible College course (starts in a week!)
  3. A NEW Tuesday evening 10 week theological course
  4. A prophetic weekend with a guest from Australia (be there!)


If any of that interests you, here’s the details:

Jonathan Conrathe at Re:Fresh Leaders Forum

Our Wednesday morning monthly leaders forums in Goole are great places for Pastors and leaders to meet for inspiration, prophetic ministry and friendship in pursuit of revival. Evangelist Jonathan Conrathe will be with us Sept 6th – full details here: DETAILS Please do join us!

Go Deep – with our NEW College morning course (Tuesdays)

If you don’t have the time to be full-time at our leadership and creative college, then why not do a Tuesday morning course, for up to 9 months, at our base in Hull.

Starting very soon, you will study: A Life of Faith, The Holy Spirit, Bible Overview, Spiritual Gifts, Renewing Of The Mind, Living In Freedom, The Father’s Heart, Prayer and intercession, developing intimacy with Jesus, The Names of God, Prophetic patterns in the Tabernacle and Temple, The Blood of Jesus, Our identity as a royal priesthood, Church leadership, mission, evangelism, sharing my faith, the Church, discovering my call and purpose and more!

Full details here: DETAILS & BOOKING

Getting Theological! Our NEW Tuesday evening course:

Later in September we are running a 10 week course in Hull, going deeper into the book of Romans than ever before! The course, entitled The Power of Belief to Transform Behaviour is an in-depth study of the book of Romans, focussing on the doctrine of the Christianity and how faith in Christ impacts our lifestyle and thoughts. Even if you’ve done our Bible School before, this is going to be DEEPER THAN EVER! Book in now!

Full details here: DETAILS & BOOKING

Prophetic Weekend Conference with Jarrod Cooper & Fergus McIntyre

November 4th – 5th 2017 we are going to have a powerful weekend in God’s presence! After 35 years of church leadership in Australia, Fergus McIntyre now lives to empower the church through powerful teaching and prophetic ministry. Working with the incredible C3 church movement around the world, led by Pastor Phil Pringle, Fergus’ relaxed and appealing approach, together with years of pastoral experience and strong prophetic gifting, has made his ministry practical, relevant, credible and readily applicable.

Full details and booking here: DETAILS & BOOKING

I trust the rest of 2017 would be a time of increase for you. Keep dreaming your dreams, praying in faith, seeking intimacy with God – for God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!

Every blessing

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Jarrod Cooper

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