New Land, New Springs

New Land, New Springs

new-landShe asked “Do me a special favor. Since you have given me land in the Negev, give me also springs of water.” So Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs.  Judges 1:15

Land without springs, is like a car without fuel. Land with water has the potential to produce crops or rear herds, but without water, land is just a barren burden. So Caleb’s daughter asks for springs to accompany her land, so it is not simply the fruitless accumulation of property, but rather the capacity to live, multiply, expand and be fruitful.

We too, need springs to accompany our land.

A growing church, expanding business, increasing influence or amassing possessions means little, if all it does is wear us out and give us more to maintain! A growing church means more people, more problems to solve, and more people to train and care for. A growing business means a bigger clientele, more phone calls, more forms, more tax to pay and more pressure. A bigger property is more to clean, more to insure, more to rent, more to maintain.

It doesn’t take long for growth, promotion and increase to feel less a blessing, and more a burden, less positive, more pressure!

You need springs to go with your growing land.

We need increased power from heaven to accompany our promotion. We need a deeper relationship with God to endure new heights of leadership. We need a greater sense of grace to carry us through growth. We need a fresh Pentecost to empower a fresh day of bigger purpose!

Ask God, not just for more land, more purpose, more people, more influence or more things. Ask Him too for fresher springs, deep encounters, new power, greater grace. Then you will be able to expand and truly fill the land He gives you with Kingdom culture and presence!

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