Let’s Do 2023 TOGETHER

Let’s Do 2023 TOGETHER

2023 marks the beginning of a new era for us, and we have some fresh new ways we can invest into you, your church, region and nation. Do you want to invite us to conduct any of these to lift and encourage you where you are, in 2023?

You can now invite us to conduct one of the following for you:

OPEN HEAVEN Worship Stream – (2-4 hours, anytime)

A long-form period of several hours spontaneous worship, encounter, prophetic ministry and spiritual warfare. It’s 2-4 hours of a House of Prayer experience, as we lead worship through a day, evening or night – sometimes also livestreamed from your venue. We know the numbers may be smaller than a classic church service, concert or conference, but feel this is SO important in this time – as the radical remnant need to go deeper in prayer than ever!


A day for leaders and believers to get to grips with how God is building Houses of Glory for this new era. How can we host God’s presence, build a miraculous culture and position ourselves to host heaven? Let’s go deep into God’s word and learn how to welcome God’s glory!

REVIVE SUMMITS – (All day Saturdays with a large team)

For a Revive Summit we draw on all the experience wrapped up in the Revive family of churches, charities and ministries. There are loads of us! A day full of worship, seminars, moving of God’s Spirit and powerful teaching with a big team.

WORSHIP GATHERINGS – (Evening Worship & Evangelism Concert)

We gather our worship ministries, choirs and friends and create an atmosphere of worship, music, creativity and the presence of God, where hundreds of Christians can pray and those not yet saved can encounter God for the first time. Special times!

RE:FRESH LEADERS FORUMS – (Weekday Mornings)

A morning to refresh and impact leaders! You provide the coffee, gather pastors and teams from your region, Jarrod will gladly minister, encourage, teach, prophesy and help us all encounter God together.

We’ll also be touring in 2023 – so if you’d like to end up on our itinerary as part of a larger tour, let us know.

Of course, Sunday services, investing into teams, one on one time with Pastors – we love it all. Get in touch right now and let’s move into this new era together.

Email vicky@jarrodcooper.net to find out more or fill out our ministry enquiry form below.

2023 is going to be awesome!

Every Blessing

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