He Will Uphold You

He Will Uphold You


you-can-relax-in-the-incredible-promise-today-that-he-will-lift-you-up-carry-you-strengthen-you-and-bring-you-through“Here is my servant, who I uphold” Isaiah 42:1

This verse shows a wonderful insight into God’s care for Jesus, as he walked out his purpose on the earth. The Father was committed to upholding the Son.

And as His servant today, He is committed to upholding you and me.

You can relax in the incredible promise today, that He will lift you up, carry you, strengthen you and bring you through. He has made it His responsibility.

Verse 4 promises “He will not falter nor be discouraged”.
God has even promised to stop you faltering; He’ll lift you up, so your ankle will not turn. His angels will “lift you up in their hands, so your foot will not strike the stones” Ps 91:11-12.

And you won’t even be discouraged. Just turn to His word when discouragement looms, and His Spirit will stir afresh the confidence to keep going on.

Your Success is His Responsibility, More than Yours!
I find the reassuring promise of God to “fulfil His purpose for me” helps me relax. My call, my very life, was all His idea, and indeed in one very real sense, it is His responsibility to bring it about, not mine! I simply co-operate to the best of my ability, though even that ability truly comes from Him!

So relax today, free from fear and the terror of judgment. You are his chosen one, “in whom he delights”. (Isaiah 42:1)


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