Have You Pitched Your Tent?

Have You Pitched Your Tent?

During the time of Israel’s wanderings in the desert, with the weeping and wailing of over 300 funerals a day and the noise of a million refugees and livestock, Moses took a tent and pitched it away from the hustle and bustle of the camp. There he would meet with God in power and glory, hearing God’s voice and instruction. (Exodus 33:7-11)

All of us need to pitch our tent of meeting, away from the “noise” of life and ministry if we are to succeed in life, especially in worship ministry. There is no way we can fake this spiritual necessity to spend time in God’s presence and his Word. The tent of meeting is a place of solitude where we hear his voice and have our souls restored. That tent of solitude becomes a tent of friendship, of grace, of glory and of revelation.

An extract from Jarrod Cooper’s book “Glory in the Church”


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