God’s Word For The New Era

God’s Word For The New Era

Jarrod Cooper shares a prophetic word for the Church as we enter a new era…

Out of the storms and shaking of this new dawn will form in my people a clear new vision, accompanied by an unveiling of fresh power, purity and my strategies for this time.

In the midst of the shaking, a movement of my judgement and justice has been sweeping the earth and will not cease until I have accomplished all that needs to be prepared for this new time. A cleansing of my people is at work in your hearts and a breaking out from injustice is at work in the world. There is yet more to be unveiled, more to be confronted, more to be purified and cleansed, ready for the next great movement of my Spirit in the earth, but do not fret, I am at work in the midst of the fear, storms and limitation.

I am calling my people back to the Prayer Rooms in droves in this season, to encounter my presence and thus release my glory among you. My jealousy for your intimacy is calling out to your heart! And from that undistracted place will flow waves of outpouring, releasing miraculous power and the amplification of my voice in your heart. Dreams, visions, encounters, visitations and manifestations will become increasingly common place for you, as I gradually raise the intensity of my presence among you. You are to be found in my Strategy Rooms receiving fresh blueprints for this season, forsaking old methods, and embracing new grace and mantles prepared long ago for you.

From the Prayer Rooms and the Strategy Rooms will rise in you an embracing of the Kingdom mandate to “restore all things” (Acts 3:21) like no generation has ever done before. Your hearts will break over the state of your nation, city, neighbours and work colleagues. This is about more than just a harvest, though many souls will be saved. This is about restoration and Kingdom Come. The passion for transformation will begin to stir in you like “a fire shut up in your bones” (Jeremiah 20:9). You will no longer be content to “play church” and waste time on the mere trinkets of Christianity. I am releasing in you a sense of responsibility for your land and for your world because it is time for the re-ordering of all things, until one day we will say “the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God” (Revelation 11:15).

This stirring that is growing in your heart, even now, will lead to a journey of personal reinvention and divine innovation, resulting in a transformation of the very behaviours, methods and even the beliefs of many Christians.  While the essentials of my Gospel remain untouched, rather than live safely within the doctrinal walls of your favoured denomination, I am calling you out to a brave new era through the unveiling of new ideas, new graces and new perspectives in ministry. Some will call it a new Age of Innovation in the Church. Adventure, explore, run in the sheer joy of my counsel my people, for I am about to perform a wonder in the earth that will usher many into the Kingdom!

The prideful pretence of unity among my people grieves my heart, and so I am about to release a fresh grace in you for new collaborative endeavours. You will be over-joyed with the work of grace in your heart that begins to find pure, selfless pleasure in the family of my people. Rather than conducting mere unity events, I will empower you to walk in a new spirit of collaboration, partnership and alliance. I am also forming great new apostolic tribes of brothers and sisters in this day, all joined in love, filled with joy, kissed with my favour. Many of the old organisational structures of your youth will be deconstructed and crumble at the weight and speed of the innovations, pace and glory about to be released. Look for true fellowship, for there you will find my favour.

I am releasing the “spirit of Elijah” upon the earth once again (Matthew 17:11-13). The hearts of the fathers and the children will be brought to a place of sweet unity (Malachi 4:5-6). I am no longer content to move only in the middle ground – I am moving to the edges and releasing a glory over the little children and an empowering upon an older generation. This will be a sign in the earth: “Little ones will lead them” (Isaiah 11:6) while your “old men will dream dreams” (Acts 2:17) and their hearts will “throb and swell with joy!” (Isaiah 60:5). Look out for the rise of the Fathers and Mothers in the Church like never before. A new mission mandate is being placed before the older generation, who will embrace the call to mission even in their final years on earth – a generation is arising that will seek me for “refirement more than retirement!”

With every new movement of heaven there is a sound, and this day shall be no different. From the Prayer Rooms of my House I hear a new sound arising. It is a sound of war, a sound of worship, a sound of declaration and victory – but you shall not only hear the sounds of my people as they are stirred, but also the sounds of heaven. The trumpet blasts of my purposes are being released, the mobilised angelic hosts are cheering, the joy of the whole earth is come among you! You cannot be silent my people, you must sing, you must shout, you must declare – let us do that together, you and I, heaven and earth in unison! Many worship ministries will be lifted from the human platforms of the earth, to the throne room of heaven in this coming era. Many will sing as if seeing the very face of God. Prophetic psalmists will melt the hearts of the authorities of this earth, and as I did in Jehoshaphat’s day, my glory will be revealed among the praises of my people. Let your new sound arise!

So my people, do not be afraid. Faint not. This is not an end, but a beginning. And what is more, I Am with you, I have gone before you. You shall not fail, but rather all will be unveiled, and we shall stride the earth together in this time, that the Kingdom would be seen in the nations.

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  1. Diane Makin says:

    So excited by this word. Many years ago when interceding with others for revival etc. I was given passages from the Word and knew that a great shaking had to happen first. I had some about the storm of the Lord swirling down and the sword, not stopping until all was complained. Then about bringing rest and rebuilding etc. I have recently begun to sense the burden of intercession again and have set aside some time during August to pray for the UK and elsewhere as led. I have asked others to join me but so far no reply. Everything in me shouts “Yes” to your word. I have something I’m sure the Lord wants to start but my church has said no to it. They also are not open to including people from other churches in doing it. Yet I have about 4 people wanting to start it with me, no persuading by me, they’ve just talked about it. Each from a different church. I will be praying and seeking for a way forward. The collaboration you mention so needed I feel. Thankyou

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