God’s Word For 2023

God’s Word For 2023

You don’t have to be very prophetic to realise that 2023 is going to continue in the theme of disruption, shakings, pivotal changes and new alignments, as we wrestle our way into a new era with God. 

With that in mind I would say making Psalm 23 the “go to” chapter may just help us through the year. Here’s my own, personalised and amplified version of the famous Psalm… read it slowly over your life as a promise from God today!

My Dear Child,

In 2023, I want you to know that I am your Shepherd, your guide, your very best and most special friend and companion. 

I will feed, carry, refresh and care for you, so you won’t be lacking as you journey. You won’t decrease, or fail, because I will cause you to lie down on couches of comfort, as if you were laying in tender green pastures, by still, quiet, restful waters. I’ll put you at ease as you rest next to my waterways.

I will restore your soul. You will fully recover You and find your joy again! I’ll give you back your heart, soul, mind, your very person.

I will lead you in righteous & just ways, so you bring glory to My Name. Even when you walk through dark places, with shifting shadows and scary uncertainty, you need not fear at all, because I will be with you every step of the way, guiding and protecting you. When times get tough, I’ll console and comfort you, and even grieve alongside you when it all feels tough and tiring.

In those times I’ll supply you with a feast when you least expect it! I’ll honour you with heaven's hospitality and favour you with banquets of blessing, marking our special friendship with love-feasts, even while our enemies prowl around. They will know without a doubt that you are mine, and that you are favoured, as I will anoint you with My Spirit, so you smell of heaven, even in tough times!

Trust that My goodness, mercy, grace and unfailing love will pursue you, chase you down, catch you and overtake you, every day of your life. And what is more, you will dwell in My House forever and ever. So, keep going my child – for I am with you!

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  1. Miss Melanie powell says:

    Hi dear Jarrod n Victoria n Zac beaut family of The Lord our God just read n read again n again this version of Psalm 23.n like you all was such a blessing to me. God abundantly bless you all. Love n blessings Melanie Powell n thankyouxxx

    • TRIBE says:


    • Miss Melanie powell says:

      Pls pray dear family of God for a smooth transition as we move Tues 31st over to East Yorkshire as I know you too have been on the move just very recent…it all really begins tomorrow but pls just pray for health strength n a good packing team with us n God willing we may just meet one day…I was thinking today how my mum loved your messages on all platforms n the 500 book she devoured in three hours…. thanks for being such a blessing to us all n praying your new home is all working out fir we know Our God makes ALL things to work out fir us n in our favour. Take good care n blessings n love to you all Melanie n family xxx

    • TRIBE says:


  2. Marion Irene Kealy says:

    Thank you.

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