Don’t let the devil mess with your moment!

Don’t let the devil mess with your moment!

IT’S A PIVOTAL TIME and the enemy wants to mess up your moment.

GUARD YOUR HEART from offence. Don’t align with demons in spreading fear, woe, negativity, rebellion against leadership, discouragement, defeat, or encouraging others to break away from God’s people.

THE DEVIL is doing all he can to turn you from the path towards your Promised Land and Time. It’s fierce. He’s playing ugly. Double down, press on, love twice as fiercely as he is trying to spread hate.

YOUR VOICE matters. Praise will change your atmosphere, but so will grumbling, venting, secret undermining conversations, sowing seeds of destruction in the Body. Praise will bring breakout, but a bitter spirit will lead to breakdown.

DON’T BE A VICTIM. Don’t let blame, disappointment, unfulfilled expectations, insecurity or shame steal your moment! Toughen up, be the bravest you, filled with love, confidence, forgiveness, making peace, building bridges, defending and protecting each other.

It’s been a long battle and you’re sore. A bit ragged. But you are stronger than you know. You would not have been led this way, if you could not bear it. God is showing you how much stronger you’ve become. You don’t need the reactions, sulks and sighs of “20-year-ago” you! You’re now bigger, better, so don’t revert back to old familiar flesh routines.

Stand up, shake off the offence, open your mouth and praise, heal, reach out, reach up and press on. This is not an ending, it’s the start of something REMARKABLE!

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  1. Barbara Manchester says:

    Have you just been listening to my decision to stop going to church, as I am a praise loudly and some folk dont like it. I had just decided to sit at home & watch it on tv. Everything fits. It is all for me personally. Bless you for this powerful word. I will be there on Sunday, loving my church family and changing the atmosphere. Thank you so very much.

    • TRIBE says:

      Ah bless you! Stick with God’s wonderfully imperfect church! Our weaknesses only grow our grace! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  2. Hayford Avedzi says:

    God bless you for this message. It is timely!

  3. Isaac Wheeler says:

    Amen! This was encouraging!

  4. Trevor Bevan says:

    Amen Thank you

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