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Help our kids win the MIND battle

We MUST help kids win the mind battle. Teach them to lean on God & find freedom through praying scripture. We have had amazing testimonies from our Believe & Confess series of books. They tackle fear, loneliness, confusion and anxiety with the Word of God. Now to add to this collection Zach Cooper has written…
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2021-06-11 0

A Brand New Book For TEENS

We are excited to be able to launch a brand new book today specifically for TEENS.  This new addition to the Believe & Confess Series aims to help teenagers delve deeper into the scriptures, with daily declarations and prayers to help them know who they are in Christ. You can purchase this new book from amazon,…
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2021-03-11 0

2 Books For The Price Of 1

Dear Friends We have had an incredible response to my new book THE DIVINE RESET. If you haven’t got your copy yet or you want to purchase another we have an awesome offer for you. My parents have kindly donated their books so when you purchase THE DIVINE RESET, you can opt for my Dad’s…
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2021-03-03 2

Pre-Order Jarrod’s New Book

THE DIVINE RESET: Preparing your life and leadership for the new era in 2021. Get this prophetic book for 2021 signed, cheaper and first by pre-ordering now and receiving it January 2021. Pre-orders for the new book, which includes journal space and team/small team guide now available here. About the book: Away from the stormy…
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2020-12-23 2

Introducing our new FREE app

Do you sense the need to stay full of God’s word, prophetically sensitive & inspired in your worship & walk with God? Well, we have the perfect resource for all that, and it’s completely free to enjoy! Our free app for your smartphone is loaded with tonnes of free inspiration – Tribe TV teaching programmes,…
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2020-11-25 0

LOCKDOWN PRAISE! New Studio Version from Cape Town!

Great News! My new song LOCKDOWN PRAISE has been recorded with my vocals & guitars from here in the UK, but with instruments & production by Sounds of the Nations producer Tim Feder in Cape Town, South Africa! He’s such a great friend, musician & producer and I’m so grateful for his version of this…
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2020-10-11 2


You will never be greater than the team you can muster together…and I know that nothing transforms the quality and energy of your leadership team like excellent investment! Leaders who are stretched, learning, flexible, carrying responsibility and growing in maturity makes the life of a Senior Leader ten times easier – Well, we have just the…
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2020-07-30 0

King Of Kings, Majesty

My entire King Of Kings, Majesty album by Kingsway/Authentic is now available on YouTube for free! Songs include – Overwhelmed//King of Kings, Majesty//Days of Wonder//Today//I give You Praise//I Tremble//You are my Healer//Great is Your Name//You are my Refuge//He’s Alive//Above all powers//Through the Eyes of God//Lost in Your Glory//Glory in the Land//King of Kings, Majesty (Spanish…
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2020-06-05 5

Join Our TRIBE

We are convinced that we are living in days when God wants to bring revival, power and influence to His people, across the world. We are therefore passionate about helping believers to live powerful lives, cultivate healthy, growing, presence-filled churches and bring the influence of God’s Kingdom to their world. One of the ways we…
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2020-02-19 0

Free Online Course

“Living a Supernatural Life” is our flagship course, and it’s completely free, thanks to the wonderful people at TBNUK who filmed & edited the course at their incredible studios in London. Through 8 sessions, learn how to live a supernatural life, to be filled with God’s Spirit, hear His voice, walk in the miraculous and…
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2019-06-18 0

New children’s book!

Do you have children or grandchildren who get fearful, especially at night when trying to go to sleep? As part of the Believe & Confess Series, our son, Zach has added his own contribution with a storybook for kids about conquering fear with the Word of God. This is a story about a boy who is…
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2018-11-25 0

The Echoes of our Lives

Probably the greatest thing we must realise, if we grasp the importance of the era in which we live, is that we must “live a life worthy of the calling we have received” (Ephesians 4:1). You are incredibly important. Your decisions matter. Your church is important. You have been born “for such a time as…
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2018-11-15 0

Two new books from David & Marion Cooper now out!

Great News! These two books have just been made available on Amazon as paperback or ebook… A STRATEGY FOR LIFE by Marion Cooper This book is based on a series of, mostly unconnected, articles written for Assemblies of God national monthly magazine “Joy” around the year 2000. I was limited to one thousand words and the magazine…
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2018-10-13 0

NEW BOOK: Believe & Confess – for kids!

My wife Vicky has just released a kids version of our book “Believe & Confess” for 7-11 year olds. (You can Purchase a copy for your child HERE.) Recently our son went through a season of being scared at night.  I guess this is fairly normal for any child to face, but this gave Vicky the…
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2018-06-02 0

Glory about to hit the Arts! #Prophecy

For my book “500”, I felt God give me these words about the arts, worship ministry and broadcasting in the future, as we enter a new era of glory upon the Church: The Church will become known again as a womb of creativity – art, music, words, media – Christian artists will be recognised as…
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2018-02-01 0

Another Amazing Wigglesworth Prophecy!

On their last meeting together Smith Wigglesworth and Lester Sumrall had this amazing prophetic conversation – it is mind blowingly accurate about today! Apostle Wigglesworth cried saying, “I probably won’t see you again now. My job is almost finished.” As he continued to pray, he cried “I see it, I see it!” Dr. Sumrall asked,…
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2017-10-05 0

Glory Arising – a fresh prophetic word

This summer (2017) God has been speaking to me about a new era of outpouring that is growing in these coming decades, following the 500 year anniversary of the start of the Reformation. The full prophetic word and background teachings are in my new book “500: Is it the dawn of a new era of glory?”:…
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2017-10-03 0

God is speaking today – And a new Church Era is Beginning…

In July 2017 I sat outside The Queens House looking up towards the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, home of the Prime Meridian of the World, the site from where we get Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It is the place where east meets west, and put simply, it is the place where we on earth interpret…
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2017-09-21 0

500: An Age of glory? NEW BOOK PRE-ORDERS….

This October we celebrate 500 years since the Reformation, when Martin Luther sent shock waves of transformation through the world. Exactly 500 years after the dawn of the Reformation, I have been studying, praying, seeking and asking….are entering a new Church Age? God has been speaking….. It would seem, from a study of Biblical and Church…
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2017-09-07 0

New online Course – Moving in Healing, Miracles & Prophecy

  In John 14:12 Jesus makes the incredible statement, that his disciples would do even greater things than He did – which is pretty amazing as Jesus prophesied accurately, healed countless individuals, performed amazing signs and wonders and even raised the dead! So how can you and I step into these promised “Greater Things?” If…
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