Boldness for Broken People

Boldness for Broken People


“Be bold and very courageous.” (Joshua 1:7)

“Be bold!” God told Joshua, four times, before he took Israel into their Promised Land.

All destiny requires a bold step at some point, yours is no exception.

My problem is I’m not naturally bold. I’m sure Reinhard finds all this stuff easy. He probably glows in the dark, hears God audibly and is awoken by angels singing his name.

But not me. I’m normal. I get irritable, fearful, wonder whether I’m getting it right. I’m ordinary, even slightly dysfunctional at times!

Anyone else a little broken like me?

The good news is, Reinhard doesn’t shine in the dark. All Christians are rehabilitating sinners. We’ve all got weaknesses, fears, doubts. Most get that feeling regularly, like everyone else in the room gets it, except you.

So, when God says he chooses the foolish, He was telling the truth. He empowers the ordinary, gives boldness to the broken. He gives dignity to the dysfunctional and LOVES the sinner.

So just HOW do broken people become bold….? That’ll be the next blog. You’ll like it….

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