Behind the Scenes #6 deaf ears open!!

Behind the Scenes #6 deaf ears open!!

Blind eyes open, deaf ears open, we hear testimony of a guy who’d been wheelchair bound after a stroke.

He got healed last night, travelled home. He had never been able to carry his wife over the threshold when they got married. So last night he carried her into their home!! He is completely healed!!

A heap of people gave their lives to Christ too tonight. Plus one woman from Switzerland who had been prayed for at the day conference, binned her walking sticks saying she wanted to dance. Well she was dancing all round the front tonight!!

Loads more went on… Just leaving the hall now at 12:30. Phew!

The security guards said they had NEVER seen City Hall that full!! Ha!

God is on the move!


PS – And as I’m walking out, a lady tells me about her son healed of epilepsy last September at the conference. WOW! Just think of all the miracles you never even hear about cos they only get tested AFTER the meetings!!


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