Behind the Scenes #11 God across the Region!

Behind the Scenes #11 God across the Region!

I always love the aftermath even more than the event. Here’s what happened last Sunday in one of our local anglican churches….

12/3/12 – Sunday morning at St Aidans like never before…..
It seemed like a normal Sunday morning however, it soon became apparent that it wasn’t. Stories from the last few days were shared including someone giving testimony of being pain free in her hips and the swelling in her ankles going down after being prayed for on our church day away on the Saturday.

During the worship there was something different, God’s presence felt really strong I looked across the church and saw people in tears and just lost in worship like never before and a real sense of freedom in the place.

A lady was being prayed for during the worship, this is a rare occurrence on a Sunday morning for us (normally prayer ministry is at the end of the service). Mick (our vicar) then stood up to carry on with the service but was speechless, the lady then reading the days bible passage was overwhelmed and struggled to read. People were breaking the mould and sharing, there and then, how God was touching them.

The lady who was prayed for during the worship then continued to be prayed for during the talk (again this never normally happens.) Later on in the service this lady then gave testimony of how she had been more powerfully touched by God than ever before. She had been prayed for her MS before but this time was different, an amazing heat overwhelmed her body and during that time she ended up lying face down on the floor with her arms above her head, a position that is normally impossible for her to be in without immense pain. People were completely amazed, then followed an open invitation for prayer and people didn’t need convincing they started freely moving more than I have seen respond before, it was like no one was holding back. One of our young people was on the team praying for people which was incredible.

During this time a lad with Muscular Distrophy got out of his wheel chair and was able to walk flat footed, straight backed and head up which he cannot usually do, everyone around was astounded.

I had prayer for a hearing problem in my right ear and I can now hear more clearly and it doesn’t feel blocked anymore. The service started at 10am and finished at 12.45pm!!! Not normal!!! Since yesterday I have heard stories from the youth group last night, the lad with muscular dystrophy walked from the car into church pushing his wheelchair, he is not yet completely cured but we are going to keep praying, our young people also spent time in God’s presence and prayed for each other. The lady who had MS had a full night’s sleep for the first time in a long time, is walking without her walking stick and has not taken any pain killers in 24 hours!!! The lady with previous hip problems is still pain free!! Stories are still pouring in, people cannot stop talking about it and I’ve been told the atmosphere at Church today was like never before! God has completely turned his people upside down and is definitely on the move!!! We don’t want this to stop and are hungry for more of him, Come on God!!!

Anna Moorhouse
St Aidans Church, East Hull

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